L+S: Breaking the Distance for the First Time


Okay no one asked for these but I’m going to bloody give them yall anyway. I am currently going through a long wait to be with my long distance (and only, I don’t know why I said this) girlfriend again and I thought, what better way to get through a sad and difficult time than to just simply write about the times you spent together?! Yeah, that’s a good idea right?

We met for the first ever time on the 16th February 2019. This date isn’t anything special but it was just easy for both of us! January was a hectic month for Christmas and university deadlines that we just possibly couldn’t meet. I guess waiting wasn’t difficult when you hadn’t met already. Boy do I know how difficult it is to wait now I’ve spent so much time with her.

She came to my house from Saturday morning to Sunday night time. That doesn’t seem like a long enough time, and well .. it wasn’t. We had so many plans and we literally did none of them but that’s okay!

All I remember in the morning was having to wake up at an ungodly hour to make it into Birmingham city centre for 9am. It takes me about an hour on the bus to get into Birmingham and I also had to have a shower, do my hair and makeup and get ready, so you can work out what time I got up that morning!

I don’t remember feeling too nervous until I got to the train station. I think it was a mixture of knowing Lucy was in the exact same area as me and the fact I was meeting her for the first time. I didn’t know any of her mannerisms that she did in person. I hadn’t heard her voice in person before. I didn’t know what she smelt like or what perfume she used. And that all made me so anxious.

But let me tell you. She was the cutest little thing ever. Her accent, she hates, but she has the cutest lil northern accent I’ve ever heard. Without trying to sound like Dodie, she smells like flowers that you get on special occasions and honey.

We went to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery first and foremost. It was so funny because we were both clearly so nervous to be around each other for the first time but also, it was so easy and calm. Like I didn’t feel stressed out to make conversation. It came easily and I love that.

There’s this one area of the museum that has a dark room with a pressure plate that triggers a light and it’s really scary. It makes me laugh thinking about Lucy innocently walking in there and jumping out of sheer fear at the emergence of the lights and the reveal of the Zoltar arcade thing. Hahaha. I wasn’t even witnessing what happened because I was reading the sign but I remember jumping the same amount too.

There was also a feminism set up a the museum for that weekend and we visited that. It was so nice to watch her get really excited over the artwork and the array of different art styles they had relating to feminism. That made me soft.

We also went to watch he


We went home. And this was the moment that made me feel so cosy and safe in her presence. We just spent the whole night cuddled up on my bed laughing at silly memes and watching random stuff on Netflix and it was the best moment ever. I wish I could just stay in that moment for the rest of my life because I was truly so happy.

The next day, we spent basically doing the same thing. I think we were both so nervous to go to sleep around one another for the first time (or at least I was) so we went to sleep around 4am and I personally woke up at around 8am. It was TIRING. So rightly so, we just lay in my bed all day watching Doctor Who (which is how we met) and laughing at memes, again. Evidently our favourite pastime.

She had to leave at 7:10pm which was the saddest thing I’ve ever had to experience to be honest. I didn’t think it would actually have been more heartbreaking to separate as it actually was. I have literally never felt that sad in my life (spoiler alert: Sophie wait until next time).

I hope you liked this. I certainly loved looking back at our first time meeting because I’ve written this during a period of not seeing her for around a month, and this really helped me get excited for when I see her next!

Sophie x

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