L+S: How We Met

Hiya everyone!

I wanted to make an entire blog series on me and my girlfriend breaking the distance and all the little adventures we go on together for a few reasons. One because we are cute and I want to document all the stuff we do together and two, because it will give me something to do when we separate for long periods of time. I’m currently writing this in one of those periods 😦

I made a new Twitter account around October last year (2018) because the new season of Doctor Who started and I didn’t want to clutter my main Twitter accounts timeline with tweets upon tweets about Jodie Whittaker. I joined Doctor Who stan Twitter hahah.

I made friends. A lot of them. I absolutely love all the friends I have on there because they love me for me and always laugh at my jokes (the latter is the most important part). I made this one friend in particular and we spoke literally 24/7. It was amazing.

I was in a stage of my life where I wanted a relationship but at the same time, was happy and content enough to just not be in one, because I was focusing on university and my mental health. I was content. But I started feeling things because they always say, if you don’t go looking for a relationship or a partner, you will find one. I truly do believe that now because I spent months prior to starting university being desperate for a relationship and not finding anything.

This was also a period in my life where I was not sure about my sexuality at all. I have always identified as bisexual but I wasn’t sure anymore. I knew I found women attractive but I wasn’t sure on anyone else. I liked the idea of men but as soon as any male came close to me ~in that way~ I got uncomfortable and backed out of it. I’m still not sure on my sexuality at all (let me know if you want a post on exploring your sexuality or whatever because it has been ONE hell of a journey lately) but I’ve come to terms with just being comfortable with knowing I’m not straight and that’s about it.

Anyway, back to my girlfriend. We spoke like every day from maybe mid-November about random ass shit. It truly made me happy to have someone there for me like that. She was an angel (and still is). Little did I know that she also had a crush on me.

It was a whole ass mess. We had friends who were constantly telling both of us to tell each other that we liked each other because apparently we made it obvious but we were both BLIND to it. I remember wanting to tell her on Christmas Eve/Day because one of our friends gave me the courage to tell her and she went to sleep EARLY that night so I thought that was fate to just never tell her.

However, she was the one who told me on Boxing Day! And then we actually properly got together the next day. By the time this has been uploaded, we’ve actually met up a few times and I have those posts ready and waiting to go up! Actually, this is being uploaded on Wednesday, so in fact, tomorrow I’ll be seeing her again! How cool is that?!

I hope you liked this little post about how I met my long distance girlfriend and I hope you look forward to the lil series I have planned to document every time we see each other! I truly think those will be fun and interesting!

Sophie x

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