Coming Out?

Hello everyone.

I thought it was time to introduce yall to my relationship. It’s a good one I promise.

I’m in a long distance relationship. I have been since just after Christmas now. I was always a person who thought that they would never enter a long distance relationship because I always thought they were hard. (Spoiler: I was right but hear me out). And honestly? If my girlfriend and I ever split up, which I bloody hope not, I probably would never enter another one .. or any other relationship for a while.

My girlfriend is called Lucy. And we are fortunate to live around 150 miles apart. I say fortunate because I know a lot of people are in relationships that are ours times by ten and I’m so incredibly lucky that my girlfriend lives a tiny bit closer to me than others because I get to see her a lot more frequently than my friends see their partners.

I don’t know whether to post this stuff but I’m thinking of doing like a travel type diary of when we see each other? Let me know if you would like that! We’ve seen each other twice by the time I’m writing this (beginning of April) so I could definitely get those posts out.

She is genuinely, and I mean this, the best person in my life right now. And potentially ever. She makes me feel things that I’ve literally never felt before with someone and that’s a huge thing for me. I feel loved. I feel accepted. And I feel like she’s also my best friend, which is SUCH an important part for me in a relationship.

She’s helped me through so much and she’s probably reading this thinking she hasn’t but she truly has. As most of yall know, I struggle on a daily basis with mental health issues and whilst she may not understand completely what I’m going through, she is there. She supports me in a day I’ve never been supported by someone other than my family. I truly love her for that.

Now I’m going to stop being gushy because who wants that haha ? I just thought I’d introduce you all to her. Been as she is going to probably feature on here a lot, especially if I do the travel series!

I hope you are all having a lovely lovely day and I will see you all Saturday!

Sophie x

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6 thoughts on “Coming Out?

    1. hahaha! ill for sure write a blog post about how we meet and such soon! I am planning on writing a whole series about every time we’ve met (mainly because she’s literally just gone back home and im sad about that haha!) x

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