To Those Who Have Died From Being Who They Are

Hiya everyone. This post has such a negative tone to it because I’m talking about death. Whether it be from suicide or murder, I want to dedicate this post to the individuals who had lost their lives from simply being who they are – being gay, transgender, non-binary, bisexual etc.

Violence is a huge issue that many LGBT+ people struggle with. Whether it be from themselves or from horrible horrible people with no heart. It’s something we accepted in the past because the rights of LGBT+ people were unclear. I know it shouldn’t have been accepted but it was and that makes me a lil sad. It just hurts me that it still happens. I mean it’s been over a year since the Pulse shootings in America where 49 very sad deaths occurred and 53 people were non-fatally injured. A transgender woman called Naomi Hersi was stabbed to death in London for just being transgender. How fucking sick is that?

Something needs to be done. Something soon. We can’t keep losing this many LGBT+ people just because of ignorant people who just don’t want to believe that straight or cis isn’t the norm. They use the argument that LGBT+ people has become a popularity and was never around as much as it was a few years ago. Spoiler alert: the majority of men in Ancient Greece had a gay relationship with an elder when they were a teenager. Spoiler alert 2.0: maybe people didn’t come out as much as they do now because ignorant people like you were more frequent to come across and they didn’t want to fucking die? Ever thought about that?


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