Love Letters

Hiya! I wanted to do this for a while but I didn’t have someone I currently love to so I thought this would be too sad without. I have someone I love very much so therefore this post is now complete hahaha!

A letter to the person I thought was my first love:

It makes me laugh looking back on you because you truly didn’t love me, or want me. You just loved the idea of having a girl head over heels. I thought this was love but in reality I was far too young to know what that word meant. You did hurt me a lot though. We dated on and off for a year and each “relationship” lasted what? a week max? Can’t even begin to tell anyone how it hurts to get picked up and dropped that often. I’m annoyed at myself for crawling back. I’m grateful nothing ever happened with you though, you were nothing like I ever wanted. I listened to different music to get you to like me, I stopped being myself. That’s not what love is about.

A letter to the person who actually was:

I mean I guess I got to thank you for actually being nicer than the first person. Not by much though. When we first got together it was amazing, I worshipped the pants off of you but that was never enough was it? You slowly started doing the same things the previous guy did and that hurt. Coming from you. I hope you’re happy with life now though, I know you were going through some shit whenever we dated and it hurts that you never wanted to tell me anything.

I would say I hope someone hurts you as much as you hurt me but I would never stoop that low. I hope you find someone who truly makes you happy, more than I apparently did. I did try my best though and I hope you understand that. Just hurts I was never enough and I kept trying for so. long.

A letter to the person who actually shows me what love is about:

My favourite letter. I’m so glad I found you because honestly I feel so loved. It’s weird for me to be in a relationship where I actually feel like it’s 50/50 and not be pulling the weight. I love that for us. I can’t wait to give you the world because God knows you deserve it, and more.

I’m so thankful I found you at this point in my life because I’m so ready for you. I’m ready to love you right and I’m ready to give you the most that you deserve. I hope you want that too.


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