Love Your Body

Hiya everyone!

Loving yourself is so bloody difficult in this day and age. You’re flooded with constant peer pressure to hate yourself or to constantly want to change how you look and how you act. But once you put a stop to listening to all of that, loving yourself can become a wonderful thing.

I’ve compiled a list of a handful of ways you can easily love your body and begin the lovely process of self-love.

#1 – Give your body food that you enjoy and food that tastes good. Have a burger and fries. A milkshake. Now I’m not saying constantly eat junk food because sometimes food that is super healthy is good for your self-love but sometimes food that makes your belly happy is just as rewarding.

#2 – Wear clothing that makes you feel confident. Don’t worry if it’s not in fashion or on trend. If you love that certain dress you have and it makes you feel confident in yourself, wear it!

#3 – Stop telling it negative things. Stop looking in the mirror and picking apart all the things you hate about it. This isn’t good. Look in the mirror with a smile on your face and point out things you love instead.

#4 – Be patient with it. After all, you’re only human and you’re allowed to fuck up and make mistakes every now and again.

#5 – Quit comparison. Stop looking at other people and wishing to be them. Stop wishing to be someone else. You are you and that’s good enough.


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One thought on “Love Your Body

  1. These are all things I strive to do better this year as I’ve finally got on a medicine that works for me and won’t make me feel horrible side effects like the previous one. I’m also working out more and trying to cut back (not cut out completely) on the junk foods I eat. 2019 is all about feeling good inside and out, the points in your post are super helpful! Thanks for sharing (:


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