Being Vegan at Christmas

Hiya everyone! I thought I’d touch upon this topic because it’s an interesting one.

I’ve been vegan for almost three years now and I’ve had a fair few of christmases being vegan. I thought I’d do a little post about how I feel about being vegan during the holiday season because, it is a struggle.

I’m not going to say I find it easy because I don’t. Especially because I grew up with eating a lot of dairy filled products. Advent calendars, boxes of chocolates and all the rest. All that stuff holds a lot of nostalgia for me and I can no longer eat it.

I wouldn’t say it is tempting because I’m definitely not going to exactly stop being vegan just for a couple chocolates out of the chocolate tins but it’s just upsetting for me. I wish there was accessible and vegan alternatives to Cadbury’s chocolates that actually taste the same but there isn’t.

It’s also difficult because my extended family are excessive bakers and make a lot of homemade foods that I miss. Again, wouldn’t break veganism just for those but they also hold nostalgia for me.

At the end of the day, veganism is the best thing that has never happened to me. It made me love food again after a very difficult time with it during my teenage years and I would never stop being vegan for the foreseeable future. But Christmas is kinda hard when Christmas is especially home for old school things and spending time with my family. I miss out on a lot of those things.

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3 thoughts on “Being Vegan at Christmas

  1. I can definitely understand this having a gluten sensitivity. I kind of have to pick and choose at the giant holiday spreads my family has, but my mom invited me over this weekend to make gluten-free apple pie and anise toast! So it’s nice when others recognize you don’t eat EVERYTHING haha but I never wanna put anyone out of place due to my dietary decision 👌🏼


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