Self Care at Christmas

Self care at Christmas is the most difficult thing. You are caught up in all of the drama and festivites of the holiday season so of course, you’ll forget about looking after yourself. I just wanna give you a quick list of minor things to do when you’re overwhelmed at Christmas.

#1 – Rest

Honestly if you can at any point, rest. Sleep properly. Nap. Do anything like that. Not sleeping or resting enough only makes you more stressed out.

Β 2 – Treat yourself

And I know this is a meme at the moment but honestly treat yourself. A bath bomb or a chocolate bar you’ve been dying to try. Do it. I know these are also those weird self care tips that don’t actually help mentally ill people but they make you happy for a moment and not everyone who requires self care is ill!

#3 – Remember to breathe

This sounds so minor but it’s the most worthwhile. You’re allowed to take time out for yourself and breathe. Sit alone in your living room and watch some tv? Have a nap? These all work. You gotta remember to breathe otherwise it’s super easy to be overwhelmed.

#4 – Spread celebrating out

Maybe don’t spend a week-long time celebrating with family. If you can, spread it out. A day celebrating and then maybe a day of rest? Alternatively, don’t have everything overwhelming on the 25th. I visit my family on the 23rd and the 24th, so the 25th isn’t the most

#5 – Give up expectations

Don’t expect Christmas to be the most amazing time of the year that you see on all the amazing Christmas movies and tv shows. It’s just not always reality, especially if you’re struggling.

I hope these tips help at least one of you in order to pace yourself over Christmas. It is difficult to do because you wanna be in the drama that is the festive season but

christmas exit


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