The University Tag

Hiya!! I found this tag on Youtube but I didn’t have time on my schedule to do this tag before the New Year so I thought I’d do it on my blog! Let’s get straight into it!

#1 – Where do you study?

I study at Newman University in Birmingham. It’s a very small university and that suits me down to the ground. It’s a lot less calm than the larger universities in Birmingham.

#2 – What do you study?

I study history! It’s single honours because I didn’t really want to do anything else, just straight up history!

#3 – What year are you in?

I’m in first year! I would’ve been in second year if I stayed in university last year but oh well!

#4 – Do you live at home or at uni?

I live at home. I was scared that doing too much too fast (like last year) so I just decided to go to university this year and study. Hopefully next year, I’ll move into halls and then go from there because I’ll hopefully be content with the university/studying aspect of things!

#5 – How old are you?

I’m nineteen! I’m turning twenty at the end of this month…

#6 – What are your 3 uni essentials?

Because I live at home, I don’t really need any cooking stuff so that’s those essentials out of the window! My three essentials however are; anything to keep me warm (ie coats, scarfs, gloves, that stuff!) because doing the commute every day I have to head to university means I have to do this in the winter, when it’s super cold; A LOT of pens because you can never have too many and I’m always losing mine; and finally, a good sturdy shoe because commuting to university means you’ll probably be doing a lot of walking or standing so you need a good pair of shoes so you don’t mess up your feet!

#7 – What is your favourite meal to cook?

I always dabble between meals because I go through phases. At the moment, a good tomatoey pasta is my favourite. A really nice tomato based sauce, a ton of veggies and a good pasta. My go to.

#8 – What is the latest you’ve been to the library?

Because I live at home, I can’t possibly stay too late at the library because if I stay until 11pm, I get home after midnight. I just can’t do it. So my “latest” isn’t really the latest for many people. I’ve stayed until about 9pm for a couple nights during the first two months of university because I had so much reading to do and I couldn’t focus at home. So yeah that’s my latest. But it is only November of my first year so I’m sure I’ll be staying later in my university time.

#9 – Ever done an all nighter to finish work?

Who hasn’t?! I think I’ve actually done multiple, this week.

#10 – Your favourite university moment so far?

A favourite moment that springs to mind is making friends. I honestly went into university the first day, expecting to make zero friends and live throughout these three years at university alone. But within the first week, I made a handful! ANDDD in the second week, I made a couple others. I’d like to think the entire of my history class are lovely people and that makes me so so happy.

#11 – One piece of advice for a fresher

Don’t stress too much. It’s easier said than done I know but there’s nothing to worry about in the first year. The only thing that’s a little tricky is keeping up with the reading and schedules but the first year is mainly just to settle down.

#12 – Something you worried about for no reason

Honestly, deadlines. If you keep yourself on your toes, you really don’t need to worry about them. The essay questions are available at least a month and half before the deadline, at least for me. And if I keep myself on the ball, which I have done so far, a month is plenty of time. It only becomes stressful if you delay and delay essays.

I tag anyone who is at university! Tag me so I get to see it!

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