Unpopular Opinions #6

Hiya everyone! How you doing!? I thought I’d bring you guys another list of my unpopular opinions! I have tons apparently

It’s weird that people retweet porn on Twitter

How horny could you possibly be to retweet steamy gifs to the rest of your timeline? It’s straight up weird if you think about it. No one really cares if you’re desperate for sex so no one really wants to see a gif of a random man putting his dick in somewhere unspeakable. It’s weird hahahha. There’s a grey area for people who have accounts dedicated to NSFW stuff because I mean … you created your account around that sorta stuff but when you are literally a random local account, it’s just plain weird.

I don’t get the hype around KPOP/JPOP

Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to listening to whatever music makes them happy but I just don’t get it. For me, I like listening to the lyrics and understanding them. I don’t wanna have to translate lyrics to understand them. The furthest I’ll go with this sorta music is Babymetal but I think that’s just ironically more than anything hahah!

Vanilla ice cream is the superior ice cream flavour

I don’t get why someone’s favourite ice cream flavour could be chocolate or strawberry when vanilla exists. I do think that the other flavours such as salted caramel or whatever are tasty but I would never pick them over vanilla. I don’t really like anything else vanilla but vanilla ice cream is my fave. It can go in anything. You start adding peanut butter ice cream into milkshakes and it’s weird as hell.

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8 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions #6

  1. I guess an unpopular opinion of mine is that im really not a fan of ice cream at all!! But i never used to get the hype around kpop till i listened to BTS who are a kpop band and the choreography in their videos are really really amazing but i think they’re hyped about TOO much! I also agree that it’s super weird for random accounts to rt porn, a guy who was in my class at college was known to RT some hardcore porn and tweet about being horny 🙃

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