I Got Another Tattoo!

Hiya everyone! I had my first tattoo back in July which was a memorial tattoo for my mother who passed away over four years ago now, you can check that out here!

My reaction to that tattoo was a lot and I’m not going to lie it hurt. I fail to believe anyone who says tattoos don’t hurt because they bloody do – they are literally stabbing you with a fine needle over and over, of course, it’s gonna hurt! Anyway, that tattoo left a bad taste in my mouth because it was incredibly painful (props to me for getting one of the most painful places first)

I have a tattoo booked in a few weeks. I’m unsure when this is exactly going up, but I may or may not have already got this tattoo as you’re reading this and don’t worry, a tattoo post for that will be coming too hahah! And let’s just say I was incredibly nervous for it. My first tattoo didn’t go down too well and I was fully expecting a similar pain to that.

I am writing this post on the day of getting this tattoo (28th November) and literally just 3 days ago, I wasn’t planning to get a tattoo this week. HOWEVER, this local tattoo artist was doing cheap flash and I follow this artist on social media because I adore their designs and was planning to get a tattoo from her in the New Year. As I was browsing the flash, at midnight on Sunday I may add, I stumbled across a specific design.

It was a design I had wanted for MONTHS. Maybe longer. It seemed almost like fate. So I booked it and here I am, with a tattoo. I am not going to lie and say I wasn’t nervous because ask my friend, Harry, who came with me, I was shitting bricks hahahha. But I did it and honestly it wasn’t as bad as my brain made it out to be.

Still painful, but not as painful as my previous tattoo. I’d actually go as far as to say, it wasn’t even painful for me. It hurt don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t agony. I dealt with it.

So anywho, here is it:

Please excuse the cream on it because like ya girl has gotta keep it moisturised. But I’m obsessed with it!! I’ve wanted a scientific heart for ages, like I’ve already said, so it seemed almost perfect and I had to get it.

Props to my artist who made it look extra cute with dot work and shading, and putting up with me almost crying beforehand out of nerves.

Let me know if you enjoy these, I have another tattoo (or two) coming up in the next couple months so I’ll be planning on doing posts on those too. And maybe when I have enough, doing one of those “rating of pain for my tattoos” posts!

christmas exit

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