Little Things Make Me Want to Cry

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This title is a bit different to my others, this one is actually a song lyric. Now I know you’re scouring your mind for which Twenty One Pilots song it’s from but no It’s from a YouTuber called Scotty Sire who’s song ‘Sad Song’ perfectly sets up this post.

The day before writing this post on my little YouTube channel I dropped down another subscriber. I say another because a fortnight ago i had 154 and now have 151. Now if you don’t have a channel you might not fully understand why this got me down, or even if you do have one but you have a bigger channel. Because my channel is so little any drop in subs is a huge drop for me because I’m basically eating out of a Walkers bag of crisps here. Also it makes me feel my content isn’t good enough, which is fair if someone doesn’t like it because well it’s their opinion; but even with this logic it still gets to me.

And then I thought that yanno sometimes it is the little things that really do get you down. A sad piece of music, a change of plans against what you wanted, feeling a bit under the weather or something as simple as the hot water tap not giving hot water.

And then I went on to think, well that just happens at times. Everyday I probably face one of those little things, something that could knock my mood depending on how emotionally stable I’m feeling that day. But those little things don’t matter, how you deal with it is what matters.

This is what brings me back to my original reason for writing this post. So I have lost yet another Subscriber, someone who found my content that boring, bad or uninteresting that they went all the way to my channel and clicked unsubscribe. So how do I deal with it, carry on making videos and work on making them better. Even though my channel is a hobby I still strive for quality and if that’s what I need to improved on well so be it.

If something comes along to inconvenience my day I just have to deal with it by looking at the good stuff. As of writing this post I have a holiday coming up, bonfire night, Comic Con, more of the TV show I love and Christmas with the people I Love. Then I have things past that like my Birthday and going to a concert with one of my absolute favorite people. What I am saying is life is full of the little things that makes you want to cry or scream but life is also filled with the things that makes you laugh and smile, and if that’s not worth it then I don’t know what is.

christmas exit

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