My Month in Photos ~ November 2018

Hiya! I am back with another monthly update with photos! Today has been a busy month so let’s get straight into it!


I thought I’d start with the last day of October because I didn’t have time to show you last month. This was my Halloween costume! I dressed up as the Thirteenth Doctor because I’m obsessed with her and her latest season.


Speaking of the gorgeous lady herself, I got obsessed with Jodie Whittaker this month. Definitely have more than a crush on her hahhaha. She started her role as the Doctor in early October and I adored her since that moment but my love for her really shined through in November.


This month seems to be Doctor Who based but I can assure you more things happened with my life haha! I got this doll though which is super cute as you can imagine!


I also went to a few gigs this month. Whilst I didn’t take photos of the gig, I did take photos of myself and here’s some cute selfies that I took.

It was also my birthday this month! I turned the good old twenty. Which is both scary and exciting. I’ve officially entered my roaring twenties.

christmas exit

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