Debunking Climate Change Myths

Hiya! I’ve seen far too many myths about climate change being thrown about because of all the issues we’ve had going on in the world this last six months or so. So I’m gonna debunk them. As you probably already know, I’m not a professional so I’m not as reliable as sites such as WWF or whatever, so I’d use those as a last resort if you just simply don’t trust anything I’m saying hahahaha.

“If climate change is a thing, then why are we getting terrible weathers like rain?”

This is a myth I hear ALL THE DAMN TIME from people. I totally get where it’s coming from though! We learn that climate change is the gradual increase of the Earth’s temperature which is kinda true, but it’s not strictly the only thing climate change means. In reality, it just means more extreme weather. The rise in the temperature affects the weather patterns and thus makes events such as storms, floods and extreme raining more likely. It would mean warmer winters and wetter summers.

“Global warming has been around for the entirety of time, why is it only affecting us now?”

This statement is kinda true. Climate goes through natural cycles of warming and cooling and we truly can’t avoid that. Climate change is talking about man-made climate change, what we are experiencing due to how much the human race has damaged the Earth. Naturally, the temperatures do increase and decrease over time but at the moment, it’s experiencing at such a rate that cannot just be natural. Many scientists do argue that the dramatic increase we are experiencing, is made by us.

“It’s only going up by a few degrees, calm down”

A few degrees is drastic for our planet. Just a few degrees can have such damaging effects. For example, the last ice age, the temperature during that time was only five degrees Celsius cooler than now.

“CO2 isn’t damaging the environment, plants need it to live”

This is again, true. Plants do need carbon dioxide to survive. However there is a huge limit to how much they can absorb and this planet is making far too much for our plants to take. Also, the fact there is huge deforestation in the world doesn’t help.

“Global warming is a myth and a way for the government to make money”

There is literal scientific evidence to prove that global warming is very much a thing. How much more proof do people need to accept it and their responsibility?

I really want to do more blog posts on the issues of climate change and maybe bring veganism back onto my blog, more than what i eat in a days. Lemme know what you think?


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