Supporting Abusive People

Hiya everyone! I touched on a topic very similar to this with this post but it was more about why you should believe sexual abuse victims. I didn’t think I wrote enough and now I want to write about why you should stop supporting those abusive people.

Support almost always equals agreeance and acceptance. If you support someone or something, you automatically agree with what they are doing. It’s simple as.

If you still listen to a band who has had proven sexual assault, then you are technically saying that that sexual assault is okay. Not completely but you get what I mean surely?! You’re almost brushing it under the carpet. If you still support a “famous” Twitter account after they’ve been several abusive/manipulative allegations against them, then you support that.

Money fucking talks.

I know you can argue that simply listening to the music that a band creates is harmless, but it’s truly not. You’re giving money or popularity to the band or artist and that does just as much harm as you just publicly announcing that you support them. I also know you can argue that retweeting a tweet that a twitter account has made is completely fine, but it’s not because you’re letting your Twitter followers know that you accept what they’ve done and that what they had done is okay.

It’s not.

I know it’s impossible nowadays to 100% know who is a nice person because there is a lot of corruption and terrible things going on in society but it is important to voice your opinion when someone you know or love is being a horrible person.


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