The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Meat Free Dinner Party

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It doesn’t matter whether you are going vegetarian for the first time or whether you have vegetarian pals eager to taste your gourmet delights, sometimes it’s fun to mix things up a bit. While bonafide omnivores often claim that they cannot comprehend any sort of meal without meat, you’d be surprised just how many meat eaters welcome the chance to explore alternative sources of protein. If you are planning on hosting a gastronomic tour de force minus the meat, follow this guide to help you perfect the ideal vegetarian dinner party.


Just because you are hosting for a group of non-meat eaters, doesn’t mean you have to ban the leather shoes, hide any dairy products and put your favourite leather jacket upstairs. Vegetarians are tolerant, and most don’t preach about their chosen eating habits. Instead, treat your soiree like any other party that you might throw. If you want a theme, go for it. Glitz and glam could result in a formal tuxedo and ball gown type affair. If you fancy something a little more laid back and fun, why not host a Christmas jumper party for the festive season or you could invite all your guests to dress up a la tarts and vicars – whatever floats your boat. The only thing that will differ at your dinner party is your food – the ambience, company, and conversation will be the same.


Your culinary flair and imagination will be the star of your dinner party. If you are a whizz in the kitchen and you aren’t keen to follow recipes, at least get a bit of practice in and hone your dishes. Create a gorgeous butternut squash soup with spinach veloute. For your main course, investigate mushroom based dishes, experiment with tofu or go all out with grains. For tasty vegan desserts, you can’t go wrong with a rich and seductive dark chocolate brownie. Keep it simple and impress with your flavour combinations. There’s nothing worse than pushing the boat out, trying to wing it and your guests waiting hours for substandard grub.

table settings

As with any dinner party, you want to get your seating plan right to ensure sparky and exciting conversation. For six diners, this isn’t too much trouble. If you’re planning on hosting a dozen or more guests, make sure that people with common interests are sat next to one another. Some people swear by the boy-girl-boy-girl seating plan, but this is pretty old school and doesn’t emulate the postmodern trend for things not to be based on gender in any way whatsoever. Put your chilled out playlist on your iPod and have your soothing acoustic melodies playing in the background. A canape or two also doesn’t go amiss, just to set the mood and give your guests a flavour of what you will have on offer later on in the evening.

Creating a vegetarian or vegan menu shouldn’t be a daunting task. Vegetarianism is becoming more prevalent in society as people choose to shun meat for a healthier, more humane diet. Follow this guide and wow your friends with your flair for creative vegetarian morsels.


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