Unpopular Opinion #5

Hiya I’m back!!! Just before I get into this post, I thought I’d mention that I recently started a Youtube channel! I upload every Sunday (and maybe have some surprise videos as and when) so chances are, you’ve missed a cheeky upload! Please go and subscribe and show me love because it’s scary business!


I’m back with more unpopular opinions. I don’t even know if these posts are popular, I just really like ranting about this sorta stuff hahahha.

Alex and Piper’s relationship in OITNB is not “goals” and is really abusive

I mean I can understand the attraction. They are both super attractive women and wow I think you’d be kidding yourself if you thought otherwise but ultimately, their relationship isn’t great. There’s constant fighting and arguments and yeah, you do argue in a relationship but you’ve gotta realise a difference between healthy fights and unhealthy ones. Conclusively, Alex and Piper’s is unhealthy.

Going through your partners phone is wrong

I know a lot of people do this and I never saw a reason why?? Surely if you gotta invade your partner’s privacy then you shouldn’t be with them?! It literally would never be necessary in a healthy relationship.

History isn’t a boring subject

I may be a little bias because I adore history and I’m taking it as a degree hahah. BUT history isn’t boring!!! How can you think that the way the world is now is completely boring?! It isn’t. There’s so many different aspects to history – modern, classical, prehistoric, medieval etc etc. Surely, there’s a type of history you like! Do you find pirates interesting? Or Alexander the Great? You can’t just write off history.

If you spend most of your time moaning about your partner/relationship, you probably shouldn’t be in it

I’m not saying the occasional moan is the end of the world for your relationship. What I’m saying is if you find yourself ALWAYS bitching to your friends or family about the relationship you’re in, maybe it isn’t the right place or right time for you guys. You may love them and that’s totally okay but bitching about someone that often shows you’re not truly happy. Also, if you have a problem with your partner and you don’t voice it to them, it shows major red flags that you can’t actually speak to them about issues.

Agree or argue with me in the comments! I’m excited to hear your side of things!

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6 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinion #5

  1. Having never seen OITNB I have no opinion on the programme but I agree with all your other points. I too LOVE history and always like to look at why things happened, how they relate to today’s society and just fill my head with things. I have more of an interest in industrial history and WW2 but I’ll look at anything really x


  2. Agree with #2 and #4! Unless your partner is asking you to do something on your phone and you spot something out of the ordinary, don’t go snooping. If you don’t trust your partner and feel you need to go through their phone, it shows your insecurity and even kind of relates to your fourth point. If you can’t be honest with each other and you stay together for the sake of being in a relationship, that is sad. There are worse things than being single x

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