The Rope Burn Complex

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Right, probably a bit of a controversial opinion but Jk Rowling isn’t having a good run of late is she. Now I don’t mean in the quality of her work as such, her ‘Strike’ book line is exceptional and I’m sure I’ll largely enjoy Fantastic Beasts even with it’s… discrepancies.

I’m sure most of us can agree that the Harry Potter series, from the Philosopher’s Stone all the way through to the Deathly Hallows, is pretty good storytelling (and filmmaking). And with most franchises its size it has legs and has come back with the Fantastic Beasts series, but my problem is with the amount of control Jk still seems to have over it. Now, of course, it is her universe she can do with it what she wants but I have found that some of the most successful global franchises are those that are handed over. Let me elaborate. Doctor Who is a show that has now been running (over) 55 years, it started all the way back in 1963 originally headed and controlled by Sydney Newman and Verity Lambert. Now control of the show was handed over, in their lifetimes, to keep the show fresh and bringing in new ideas to keep its longevity. I mean the whole core thing is changing the lead actor every few years which lends itself to the point I’m making. Renewal and new management of a franchise keep it going. Star Wars, first created by George Lucas and Lucasfilms, he started it and continued it for almost too long with a lot of people bashing his prequel films where the ‘originals’ were so loved. Now control is with other people and in my understanding, Lucas is nothing more than someone who they run ideas by and nothing more. With this change, the Star Wars films have entered a new era and together, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi have brought in a combined box office of $3.968 Billion.

The reason I called this the Rope Burn Complex is that when a creator holds onto their franchise is like someone holding onto a rope, the more it tries to pull away to kick on and change the more the holder burns themself and damages the rope. I’m not saying Jk should dip out completely but after the Dumbledore and Nagini incidencies maybe she should take a step back and let others take her universe forward. I still believe they should check if things are okay with her, because it’s her work and In all honesty I think Crimes of Grindelwald will be a great film. But you just feel if she continues to come out with the comments she has and if it continues to go the way it is are people going to care about Fantastic Beasts 3, 4 & 5?


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One thought on “The Rope Burn Complex

  1. I’ve not read her comments about the franchise. But it can be quite difficult to remain true to the original stories and trying to fit them into a film. Filmmakers try to appeal to profit and if it means changing the storyline, they will do it. Because I am quite disappointed, they changed Hermoni from a black character to a white character. Now, I wonder who’s change of perception was to make that switch.


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