The Human Condition

What’s that? A strange edgy title? This can only mean one thing! I’m back to serve you another look into my odd mind, and as Philip Defranco says ‘Let’s Just Jump Right Into It’.

Humans. We’re a bloody weird bunch, aren’t we? I just look at us as a species and I marvel in how different we can all be. Now let me explain what this baked off my nut style of speaking is on about.

I look at the world and I see Footballers, the likes of Lionel Messi, Steph Houghton Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane. Those almost worshipped because of their trade, strong, competing at the very peak of human physicality, high intensity for 90 plus minutes.

Then I look at the tribes who have refused contact with the ‘civilised’ (I use that word very liberally) world. People who have lived in their ways since the beginning of human civilisation, with their beliefs and their traditions still intact who believe planes are some kind of great sky creature. Who wouldn’t even know what football is let alone the players mentioned beforehand? It’s like when I saw this David Beckham documentary where he traveled into the depths of South America. This is a man who is probably known by more of the world than those who don’t know him. In the end, he went to a tribe with limited contact with the ‘outside’ world who hadn’t even heard of football let alone Beckham.

There are people out there who just set out to be horrible, no better way to put it, those who just spend their days making other peoples miserable. There are murderers and those that do things equally as bad.

On the flipside there are those who just perpetuate sunshine. People who dedicate their lives to charity to help others who are not as fortunate as themselves and make the world a bit better.

Athletes, Actors, Nurses, Drug Dealers, World Record Breakers, people who believe the Earth is flat. And then I’d like to think there is a middle ground. Me for example. I am the kind who sits and thinks about this kind of thing. But that’s okay because you know what, I am a part of the puzzle that is this world, and there is nothing more important than making this planet of ours. I am one of the many genres of humanity, hopefully I’m one of the good ones.


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2 thoughts on “The Human Condition

  1. Honestly when you start thinking about it its mad how the world
    works and how we’re all made up of the same yet our brain has made us all different, super post thanks for writing!🤩


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