Outfits I Wear To University

Hiya I’m back!!! Just before I get into this post, I thought I’d mention that I recently started a Youtube channel! I upload every Sunday (and maybe have some surprise videos as and when) so chances are, you’ve missed a cheeky upload! Please go and subscribe and show me love because it’s scary business!


Okay this post is long LOOOONG overdue because I said I’d do this on twitter way back in September but university got a hold of me. I’m thinking of making this into a mini series, and showing you guys maybe 10 or more outfits I wear but who knows! Let me know if you’d find that interesting!

Outfit One ~ Typical Band Nerd


Please ignore how messy my room actually is because this was taken during the redecorating of my room – note the paint on the back wall being patchy!

Anyway, this is such a super simple outfit. In fact, most of my outfits are for university, because I’m lazy hahaha. But it’s just the Paramore band tee that I got from the gig in January 2018, a simple pair of New Look skinny jeans and black old skool vans! I also paired this with my Topshop denim jacket that wasn’t photographed but still here all the same!

Outfit Two ~ Stripe and Skirt


This outfit is by far my favourite in this blog post. I am obsessed with every item at the moment! The top, is from H&M and I’m obsessed with it!! Well and truly. My skirt is from Boohoo and I literally wear it too much. As soon as it’s out of the wash, it’s on my body and it’s so embarrassing. I bet everyone at university is like uhhhh is that all she owns?! HAHHAA. Obviously I’m wearing tights that you can literally get anywhere but these are from Primark, they are the super cool ones that make you warm if it’s cold outside and vice versa. Now, I don’t know if they actually work or whether they are just making you think they’ll work but they are comfy at least!

Outfit Three: Awful Snapchat Quality lol


Please excuse the awful snapchat quality. I loooove forgetting to take photos without snapchat, and use my actual phone camera because I’m left with this wonderful quality. But I thought this outfit was so cute I had to show you guys! I got this top from Boohoo. They don’t sell it anymore but they still sell the dress which is here! I tied it up at my waist because I got it way too big and it drowned me hahaha! I paired it with some New Look skinny jeans because New Look skinny jeans are actually skin tight for me and I love that. I wore my Doc Martens with this outfit! Anddddd my New Look teddy coat!


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18 thoughts on “Outfits I Wear To University

  1. If I could I’d probably stay in my pyjamas for uni😂 So whatever I wear, I always put comfort above everything. That being said, I do love to get ready in the morning. Feeling good on the outside makes me feel much better throughout the day. xx


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