Doctor Who: New Doctor Review

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Okay as I’m writing this, it’s a couple days before the very first episode of Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor! AHHHHHH how exciting!? Is she gonna be good? Is she gonna be bad? Who the hell knows?! This blog post is probably gonna be released after a couple of episodes because you can’t really get a good feel of a new Doctor after one episode can ya?

I just wanna give my review on her because she has had a lot of hate for being the first Doctor who happens to have a female appearance and I understand that (hear me out)

I get that the Doctor has always been masculine appearing and it’s weird that they are suddenly very feminine but let’s not forget the doctor is an alien who has said many times they don’t have a gender and it’s also a fictional tv show so :)))) yes that’s the end of that topic.

On the general topic of the new Doctor, Jodie, I am loving her. A little bit too much in fact. I think I fancy her, a lot.

The End.

Only joking! About “the end” or the fact I think I may be in love with the new Doctor, who knows?

But honestly, I am liking the route this series seems to be going. Obviously, people are entitled to their own opinion on the apparent drastic change on the well-known tv show but I just don’t think there is any need for the hate.

I saw tweets saying it “wasn’t Doctor who because it’s not a male” and that annoys me. It just baffles me that people are totally disregarding her due to her gender. If after three or four episodes, you still feel the same then fair enough but after one episode, really??

The Master had a regeneration into Missy, which was I don’t know … female. In “Hell Bent”, the General regened into a FEMALE and states that out of all their regenerations, they’ve only been male once and hated it. How much more proof do you need to allow yourself to believe that the Doctor CAN be female appearing.

I also saw tweets saying that doctor who fans (they put that in quotations.. seriously) who support Jodie are the cancer of society and I couldn’t help but laugh. Really? You are going as far as to say that doctor who fans who support developments within the series, are cancer? WOW. Also – isn’t it ironic that they say that the fans who are supporting Jodie aren’t true fans of Doctor Who when the #notmydoctor army are the ones boycotting and spreading hate about their beloved show?

I wrote this post before episode three (Rosa) aired and I thought it wasn’t right to write a review without that wonderful episode being mentioned. So I’m going to do a separate post to convey my opinion on that episode (it’s already posted so here it is)


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