Debunking Anti-Feminism Arguments

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I’ve stumbled across A LOT of silly things in my time but one thing that always bothers me is hearing anyone, particularly women say they are anti-feminism. It’s like me saying I’m anti-food – I fucking love food so why would I go against it? Meaning, women and practically any human being love the bonuses that feminism gives to them but won’t say they are thankful for it.

I’ve picked some of my fave (harsh word?) anti-feminist arguments and I’m going to debunk them! Let’s go!

“People should be paid based on talent, not their gender”

Girl, who said that? We aren’t saying just because I’m in the same work as a male, I should be automatically allowed to earn what they are. It all comes down to talent and qualifications and WE GET THAT. COMPLETELY GET THAT. What we’re saying is that if a woman and a man are EQUALLY qualified for a job role, they should be paid the same, which they currently aren’t. We aren’t saying that if a woman is shite at her job that she should be paid the same as the person at her work who happens to be male. We’re just fucking saying that equally qualified people should be paid the same, regardless of gender. I’m tired of this damn so-called argument.

“If you want equality, you should be prepared for the bad sides”

Again, no one has disputed this hahaha. If a woman murders someone, they get a huge fraction less time in prison than a man and that’s not okay. I honestly don’t know ANY actual feminist out there who is against this equality stance. If we want equality, we MEAN we want equality – we aren’t half-assing it. I agree that women’s sports should be exactly the same as men’s, sets and all. We aren’t kidding when we say we want equality.

“We already have enough equality, why would we want more?”

This argument is so fucking flawed because “why would we want more” WHAT THE FUCK, obviously we damn would if we have access to it. Women don’t have control of their bodies in A LOT of the fucking world. Just because you have a decent amount of equality with men, doesn’t mean everyone else in the world is having the same. For example, women in Saudi Arabia weren’t allowed to drive until June 2018. Think how long you were able to drive for? Probably a lot longer than that (given your age).

“What about men?”

If you think feminism is just for uprooting society and giving women the label as the superior gender, hop back under your rock. Yes, feminism started as a way for women to get rights and equality but it’s not just that anymore. It helps men, regardless of what anti-feminists and meninists (can’t believe this is a thing) try to say. Quite frankly, feminism does way more for men that meninism does. Most meninists don’t give a fuck about male issues, it’s just a way to argue against feminism because men aren’t the complete center of attention in the cause. For instance, there’s a lot of cases when male students are groomed and sexually assaulted by their female teachers, and rather than screaming from the rooftops about the injustice, those people are like “well… why is he crying over it? He had a go on that lovely lady” like ?!!?!? I can’t even say any more on this topic. It angers me. Male issues are involved in feminism and you can fight me on this alllllll you want.

Okay so this is the first blog post. I have so fucking more arguments for this because I can ramble and ramble about this annoying ass topic. Lemme know if you want more of me ranting hahha.


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7 thoughts on “Debunking Anti-Feminism Arguments

  1. Literally all of these dumn arguments make me so angry!! I wish people could just understand this, thing is they just want to be annoying most of the time because it’s so easy for them to disregard this, probably because of an easy life that hasn’t been affected by any sort of prejudice.

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  2. Agreed! Men suffer a lot under patriarchy, with the forced ideals of masculinity and what it means to be a man. No, men should not be expected to pay for dates. No, men should not be expected to single-handedly support their families. There is this idea in our society that men have do a fuck ton of heavy lifting, when women could take on a lot of it and take the burden off men. So many men are threatened if their wife makes more than they do, and most men will not even consider being stay at home parents. Why not? Patriarchy. Men should be fine with making less than women, taking on jobs that interest them even if they are traditionally “feminine” or pay less, and staying at home to raise kids. We should not have to qualify job titles with “male”, like “male nurse”, “male kindergarten teacher”, “male daycare worker”, but I hear that all the time. It’s ridiculous.

    Feminism benefits everyone, not just women. And those of us who believe in equality understand that less harsh prison sentences for women, or giving women custody of children because we believe “children belong with their mothers”, hurt everyone. That is not equality. We want all humans, regardless of biological sex or gender, to be treated equally. Why is that a bad thing? I don’t get the outrage.


    1. Oh my god yes!! I always say I’m a firm believer on don’t hit anyone, regardless but whenever I say that to someone who is anti-feminist, they look like I’ve killed someone right in front of them. Like what a shock, don’t hit people?!


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