Doctor Who: “Rosa” Review

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I have a general review on the new series of Doctor Who in the works, and I have a general “new Doctor” review coming up BUT after watching the third episode, I thought that needed it’s own review.

If you have watched it, you’ll know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t, I strongly recommend you do. It was an episode based on Rosa Parks and it was portrayed wonderfully. I’m sure you all know what Rosa did and I don’t mean to insult your intelligence but I’m just going to sum it up right now in case you don’t – she was an activist during the Civil Rights Movement when society was still a shit and segregated black and white people on buses, schools etc.  She was on a bus and was instructed to move as there were no seats left and black people would have to move if that were the case. She refused and got arrested for her actions which resulted in the Montgomery bus boycott in the fifties.

If you know Doctor Who, you’ll understand it is heavily sci-fi based and I think the thing that made this episode stand out is that they didn’t focus on that. They didn’t overshadow Rosa Parks’ accomplishments with aliens and “ooo if it wasn’t for the Doctor intervening, Rosa wouldn’t have done this” kinda thing and that was definitely needed. If they used their typical route then I think the payoff for the episode would have been remarkably terrible because it would have been historically correct nor would it highlight the issues I assume the episode wanted to highlight in the right way.

A factor that I think it particularly important to review is that it was written by a black author, Malorie Blackman. I think having a black writer write this episode made it as authentic and accurate as it could have been. Obviously, the typical writers being white, may unintentionally overcast the real issues or just not portray it as correctly as someone who has dealt with racism, that is being portrayed on the show, first hand. So yeah, I think that was particularly important for them to do and rightly so.

The end scene, in particular, is something special and remarkable. The scene was Rosa being escorted to the police car and everyone, apart from the Doctor and her gang, being completely unbothered. You can very clearly see the Doctor’s face and how annoyed and hurt she is throughout because she obviously wouldn’t have liked this to happen but she couldn’t change history. There was a part of the scene where Jodie is just staring off into the distance and not looking at what’s going on around her which I think is quite powerful. One because she very clearly hated every moment and two, maybe they wanted to portray that, as to how a white person at the time would have reacted.

I think it was crucial how they didn’t have her change the history of Rosa Parks. The Doctor could have very easily got rid of the issues POC people faced in those times, and again what issues they STILL face today but she didn’t. I think they potentially may have done this because they didn’t want to run the risk of having the typical “white person saving the world… again” storyline but they may have just done it because they thought it was already a touchy subject and they didn’t wanna overshadow it like I previously had mentioned.

Overall, I think this episode was beautifully written, beautifully acted and a wonderful episode for Doctor Who to has attempted. I really liked it and I did cry at the ending. Let me know if you’d like these every week, I do want to do them but who knows?!


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