Shadowman in the Limelight

OKAY before this post starts, I wanted to say I’ve never ever had guest posting on my blog before so this is new huh?? My friend is an amazingggg writer (to say the least) and I made him asked him if he wanted to write a post or ANYTHING to show off that fantastic writing I know he can do. Now, be nice (I know you will be because you’re all fab) and have a nice lil read!!


Right, I should maybe give a context to what this article is about seeing as my title is a bit dramatic and Doctor Who.

I’m Harry, hello, and the only thing you really know about me is that I love performing. I have been apart of Pantomimes since I was 5, school performances in primary school, Performing arts at Sixth form for 3 years and a YouTube channel where I put myself out there. Being on stage performing in front of any number fills me with this feeling, euphoric almost. I even tried to do Drama at University before it went… pear-shaped.

I also have anxiety. Now for a lot of people, the two things won’t really make sense together, and that’s completely fair. My personal (albeit probably not that personal) Anxiety means I find it hard to deal with change in my life, I can be shy in new places with people I don’t know and I hate confrontation. That’s, to be honest, the surface of my issues, anyone with this particular mental affliction with know there is 1000 tiny working parts.

So performing with Anxiety being the person who usually wants to hide in the shadows and remain unnoticed… in the full attention of people. It even makes less sense with my YouTube channel, stressful and opens me up to any manner of hate which I have had in the past through comments and dislikes. But that shows what performing means to me.

On stage the thrill is something I can’t quite explain, the applause to something you did, people laughing because of something you did, even being able to move someone to tears. On YouTube having the chance to be able to make my own content, and yes I know there can be the bad but when someone leaves you a compliment about your work there is little better.

There is also the factor that when you perform you are someone else. Give me a monologue I can perform that no problem; give me a speech to say in front of the same amount of people as myself… no chance. I don’t think highly of myself. So the chance to be another person and channel them and just live through that character is such an escape for me.

Anxiety and Performing go hand in hand. I think you’ll find a lot of people who act and sing and dance and create have some kind of mental illness. Depression in comedians, anxiety in actors; they escape through their loves which is performing.

Let me give you an example to wrap up. Four years ago I was asked to open for the Summer Concert at my Sixth Form. In the end, I performed the song ‘Willkommen’ from Chicago, I worked hard in learning it because as you may be able to tell this is important to me. As I finished the pure elation I felt as 300 plus people applauded my performance is why I do it. That surge through your very fiber takes away the bad feelings even just for a short while. Thank you for reading and I hope to back again.


So that was lovely huh? Maybe show him some love over on his Youtube channel because he posts some amazing content. And hopefully, you’ll see him more often here!


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