Realistic Self Care Checklist

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Here’s some quick and easy REALISTIC self care tips that you can do when you’re struggling but know you need to do something about it.

1. Tidy up your living space

You know what they say, tidy space tidy mind. It’s kinda true. It does help, for me at least.

2. Listen to your favourite music

I listen to the likes of All Time Low or any emo band and it calms me down a great deal … or at least pumps me up.

3. Make your favourite meal

Mine is any kind of pasta with garlic bread on the side. A super tomatoey pasta with some extra garlicky garlic bread. Yum.

4. Change your bed sheets

Again, tidy space tidy mind. But it truly makes me happy when I have fresh bed sheets to get into.

5. Have a glass of water

Water does so much more good than people give it credit for. Obviously people assume it gives them clear skin and such, but it also helps them think more clearly.

6. Sit outside and breathe in some fresh air

Fresh air helps. Sitting in the same room for multiple days with the same old air is obviously not going to be good for you.

7. Turn off your phone

Social media can be the worst thing for someone going through a rough time.

8. Change your clothes

Honestly stop wearing those same pyjamas you’ve wore for days. Change into some new pyjamas, I’m not talking going out clothes.


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