Redecorating My Room with Desenio*

Hiya I’m back!!! Just before I get into this post, I thought I’d mention that I recently started a Youtube channel! I upload every Sunday (and maybe have some surprise videos as and when) so chances are, you’ve missed a cheeky upload! Please go and subscribe and show me love because it’s scary business!

My room has been the exact same, give or take a desk or a few pictures of friends, since I moved into my brother’s old room after he moved out when I was fourteen. That doesn’t seem that long ago because I am not even twenty yet (next month ahhhhhhhhhhh) but it was a while ago.

I’ve done a lotttttt of growing since I was fourteen, both mentally and physically. Having bright blue/turquoise walls really isn’t my thing anymore. It reminds me of fairly bad times – maybe because my room was like this from the worst of times. I just don’t want that reminder.

I am a firm believer that you don’t have to grow up at a certain age and you can be forty and still be “childish” or “immature” if that’s who you wanna be! But I’m just not the same person I was when I was fourteen and I definitely have grown up, whether I want to admit it or not hahaha.

So I thought I’d document my room renovation process. You know what my room looked like before because I did a post on it last year, and my room really hasn’t changed since that post.


I wanted to make my walls a light grey colour. I think it would look super neutral and not too in your face, kinda thing! I got my paint and a lot of money out of my bank during the process and got going!


I think it looks super cute!


I hated my wardrobe for the longest time. It was a nice wardrobe but it was too big and could literally only go in one area of my room – which cut off a built-in cupboard area I have!

I got rid of that wardrobe (my brother took it as he recently moved out) and I got a hanging rail from IKEA for my clothes and a bunch of fabric boxes from IKEA to put jeans, skirts, what have you in them.


This post is in collaboration with Desenio for this part of the post! They kindly sent me a whole bunch of art for my room, how sweet of them!! My room is quite bare and empty with little to no art, after leaving my emo phase and having no posters on my wall. So this came incredibly handy.


I chose these two (Good Vibes and Line Tulips) for above my hanging rail because there was a HUGE bare space above the said rail and I needed something to fill it! I think they look super cute and simple.

I then chose this one (La Lune) to go over my bed. As much as space, in general, scares me, I love the planets and the moons. So I think this is truly beautiful!

Desenio has given me a code for you guys to be able to get your hands on some beautiful art! The code “PURRPALE” gives 25% off posters* on all of our sites between 16th and 18th October.

*Except for frames and  handpicked-/collaboration posters

I also have this fairy lights over my bed and along the wall and they are so so so SO pretty, don’t ya think? I think I wanna ideally get them a lil longer because they don’t QUITE fit my wall but they’ll do for now!

This is only part one of revamping my room! Let me know if you’d want the second part because I have so many ideas that I can’t afford right now haha!


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