Self Love Truths

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A lot of people assume that self love is all bath bombs and moisturiser. But it isn’t. There is a lot of things to do with self love and self care that are often forgotten about. So I’m gonna tell ya.

#1 – You are inherently enough.

There is a myth in society that we have to earn your worth by ticking off a certain number of achievements  such as having a mortgage or owning the house, successful career and an acceptable body shape. The truth is you were born enough. You are a soul of divine origins and you can never be anything less than that.

#2 – Comparison is a waste of energy.

Comparison misses the whole point of your life , to be 100% and truly yourself. To be the unique, one in a humankind individual is special and you shouldn’t compare yourself to any other person. We are all valuable and shine in our own way  and there’s no way in hell that we’re similar to another person.

#3 – You are not what others think of you.

You couldn’t possibly be what others think of you  because everyone has a different opinion of you. Everyone has a completely different opinion because they see you in completely different lights ALL THE TIME. Everyone is also viewing the world through their own beliefs and past experiences  so their opinion of you might not be even close to the truth. Rather than seeking approval from others in order to feel like enough, begin to approve of yourself. When you accept yourself, you no longer need the acceptance of others because you already know you are enough.

#4 – You are not your past.

You’re a totally different person to who you were even a second ago, let alone a few weeks ago. Your skin cells regenerate after twenty-seven days. You’re not breathing the same air. So you’re never the same. Therefore, the past does not EVER define you, you are more of your future and present than your past.

#5 – You are way more special than you know.

Being mentally ill means that you don’t actually see yourself properly. You never catch a glimpse of your best self. People who do see how magical you are are your friends and family, and everyone around you. You are far from your flaws and inperfections. You are way more magical and special than you already know


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