My Favourite Doctor Who Episodes

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Doctor who is a TV show that I relied a lot on when I was a child and also when I was my sickest. I thought I’d compile a list of my favourite episodes for the rare person who has never watched it! Here ya go!

1. School Reunion – Season Two Episode Three

Okay I’m starting this straight into season two and that doesn’t mean I don’t like Number Nine. I love him but he didn’t make the list unfortunately! This episode in particular holds some nostalgia for me and that’s why I love it.

2. New Earth – Season Two Episode Two

I loooooove this episode so so much! This scene in particular makes me cry of laughter because of how Cassandra acts when she’s using the Doctors body as a host.

3. The Shakespeare Code – Season Three Episode Two

Now, this episode is a bit dated. I’m not trying to make a joke about the fact it’s in the middle ground between the Tudors and the Edwardian eras, I just mean ~some~ jokes that the Doctor makes, would definitely not be made now haha! But I love the episode nonetheless. You can still watch problematic things as long as you’re aware that they are problematic and don’t state them as anything less.

4. The Family of Blood – Season Three Episode Nine

This episode was such a weird little one but whenever I rewatch Doctor Who, I always get excited by this one! I love how the Doctor is appearing human for a little while.

5. Partners in Crime – Season Four Episode One

Spoiler alert for future posts: I’m planning on getting an adipose tattooed on me at some point.

6. The Fires of Pompeii – Season Four Episode Two

I’m such a huge history nerd so we all knew this episode would be here. Funnily enough though, I’ve never studied Pompeii.

7. The Eleventh Hour – Season Five Episode One

I remember when Matt Smith became the Doctor and David Tennant left, I was annoyed and angry. David was my fave and he had gone. So I refused to watch Matt Smith until his second season and boy I have deep regret! He was an amazing doctor!

8. The Vampires of Venice – Season Five Episode Six

I’m just a sucker for anything vampire related. I know technically this show isn’t about vampires, it’s about some form of alien but it’s STILL about vampires. Love it.

9. Vincent and the Doctor – Season Five Episode Ten

You’re telling me you didn’t cry after the whole episode of seeing Vincent Van Gogh being tormented by this neighbours to the Doctor travelling him to current time to see how much he was loved as an artist. You’re telling me you didn’t sob over his reaction? You’re lying.

10. Lets Kill Hitler – Season Six Episode Eight

I’m such a history nerd that this episode is one of my favourites. I don’t like Hitler at all obviously, who does? But this era of history has been drilled into my head throughout GCSE history and A2 history so I like seeing it portrayed in shows so I can see how the times looked, if that makes sense? Obviously I wasn’t there to see it myself and I hope I never do!

11. The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe – Christmas special

I just like how the start of the episode is very laid back and you get to see a chilled side of the Doctor, until everything kicks off.

12. The Angels Take Manhattan – Season Seven Episode Five



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12 thoughts on “My Favourite Doctor Who Episodes

  1. I love this!! I would like this post a thousand times, if I could! My fave eps are Vincent and the Doctor, Partners in Crime, The Unicorn and The Wasp, Journey’s End, The Shakespeare Code, Blink, The End of Time and Mummy on The Orient Express 🙂 have you watched the new ep? Xx

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