Showering with Bilou

Originally started by German YouTuber, Bilou is a 100% vegan brand that ensures they use only high-quality ingredients in their products. Currently, the brand sell only in Superdrug and directly through their store. This brand only started up in 2014 by Bibi so it’s still a fairly new product to the market!


They kindly sent me a bunch of their goods and oh my god I couldn’t get over how cute it was packaged. It came in this adorable branded gift bag and each product came wrapped up in a variety of coloured tissue paper. It was truly adorable and I loved how it felt like I was getting a gift hahaha!

I really love how on the back of each product it says “not suitable for consumption” because they really are tempting to eat!

Product One ~ Fizzy Berry 2 in 1 Bodyspray


This product was the very first one I opened up and I was blown away with how vibrant the smell was! It reminded me of Haribos and other forms of sweets I’d actively consume as a child, so a HUGE blast from the past for me hahaha! I’ve used it a handful of times since it was sent to me and I am obsessed! I maybe wouldn’t use it every day because I do use more neutral scents for day to day use but this would be amazing for going out clubbing or a first date because I’d leave a lasting impression haha!

Product Two ~ Cotton Candy Cream Foam


This is definitely the product I’m using the most since the parcel was delivered because of how muted the scent is and how easy the product is to use! If I can remember rightly, candy floss doesn’t have an incredibly intense scent to it so this is fairly accurate. As it’s a lotion, it helps keep my skin moisturised and smooth. I personally felt like it smelt really caramelly (is that a word lol) and upon reading the packaging, it’s meant to!

Product Three ~ Pink Melon Creamy Shower Foam


Let me tell you, this one smells INCREDIBLY realistic! I am not a fan of melon normally because it just doesn’t taste like anything in my opinion but it does SMELL and this smells very accurate! As a matter of fact, this product is currently in my bathroom, on the windowsill because I use it that often! I love smelling like a melon!

Overall, I really love the Bilou range and I will be tempted to buy more whenever I am in my local Superdrug! I love how cutesy the packaging is and how the scents are all very different BUT all connected in some way!



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