Unpopular Opinions #4

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I’m back with more unpopular opinions!

Wearing shoes in the house is weird

Okay if you’re just about to leave the house or you’re in the middle of revamping your entire house and you have dust everywhere then that’s fine. You are excused to wear shoes in the house. But why do people wear shoes 24/7?? Wearing shoes when you definitely don’t need to just leaves you prone to fungal infections and they are just a pain to get rid of more often than not. You just don’t need to wear shoes around your house if it’s clean.

I think it’s weird that fully grown adults are ripping into Jojo Siwa

Okay back story, Jojo Siwa is a child star on youtube I’m pretty sure and I know if you put yourself out there then you should be open to the occasional hate. However when I see so many people on Twitter and other social medias ripping into her and I just think it’s unfair. Yeah she may not be of your taste, and she does act like a child when she’s fifteen but who says we all need to mature at the same rate? I think it’s so dodgy that fully grown people are the ones taking the piss out of her – she’s literally fifteen years old and you’re way older than her, practically bullying her. Doesn’t make you look cool, dude.

You ~can~ grow from your past mistakes

I know people are probably reading this one and are thinking “… wow Sophie, everyone thinks this” but hear me out. There is a huge call out culture on Twitter at the moment and it’s an issue. It’s assuming that people literally cannot grow from their past. For example, Shane Dawson used to do black face, make racial jokes, homophobic comments etc but if you look at Shane now, he is the most inclusive and lovely person on Youtube. He understood that his past mistakes are totally wrong and has grown from them into a better person. I am aware that there are some things that you can’t ask for forgiveness for some things like rape, sexual assault or murder etc. People who start a “blank is over party” are acting like they’ve never been ignorant to things in their life when everyone is at some point.

Most pro-lifers are hypocritical

Simply because they demand abortions to be illegal and make you assume that they have the best interests at heart, doesn’t mean they aren’t weird as hell. I am personally pro-choice because I believe that every person who can bare a child should have a choice if they want to bare that said child. It’s not some random lady’s choice who is sat outside Planned Parenthood who newsflash, don’t just handle abortions. But there’s so many encounters where pro-lifers scream outside of abortion clinics that the women who are getting said abortions are murderers and threaten them. Surely, you threatening to murder or at least harm someone who is getting the abortion kinda counteracts you being pro-life.

Let me know below if you agree with any of the “unpopular opinions” I have stated! I’m up for a lil debate in the comments hahah!


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9 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions #4

  1. Sometimes I really wonder if we are the same person when I read these…yes to the call out culture on twitter!!! It bothers me so much because I used to be an ignorant person. I reflected and apologized to someone I hurt directly with my ignorance and now they are a good friend of mine

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  2. Omg I never wear shoes in the house it freaks me out hahaha, how can you walk around in them when you’ve just been outside?! I always take them off in other people’s houses too


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