Sunshine Blogger Award

Hiya I’m back!!! Just before I get into this post, I thought I’d mention that I recently started a Youtube channel! I upload every Sunday (and maybe have some surprise videos as and when) so chances are, you’ve missed a cheeky upload! Please go and subscribe and show me love because it’s scary business!

I haven’t done any award style posts in AGES because I got tagged in so so many and it just got overwhelming! I thought I’d creep them occasionally onto my blog because let’s face it, they are cool and you get different questions each time!

I got tagged by the lovely Megan (blog here)

Here are the rules for the award:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions that were presented to you by your nominator.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers.
  • Ask 11 questions (different from the ones you answered).
  • List the rules.
  • Display the Sunshine Blogger Logo in your post or blog site.


1. Why did you choose your blogging niche? (Or if you don’t have one, why did you choose variety?)

I chose variety because there’s so so many things I want to write about. I wanted my blog to be a creative outlet where I can talk about whatever the hell I want to! I do predominantly talk about mental health, fashion and veganism but anything really floats my boat. If I wanna talk about Youtube drama or other lifestyle bits and bobs, I shall do so!

2. Would you rather blog full time, as a side hustle or as a hobby? Why?

Definitely hobby! Whilst I think blogging full time is such an amazing opportunity and I know a lot of people dream of it, I am not sure whether I’d like it. At the moment, blogging is my hobby and I am fortunate enough to earn money from it too BUT I think it would suck all the fun out of it for me if I did it full time. Maybe that’s just me!

3. What’s your career industry (or what are you going into) and why did you choose it?

I’m currently a history student at university but I am hoping to go into teaching (maybe) (who actually knows). I chose it because I once wanted to work in therapy and help people but I found out I was shit at psychology so I gave up that dream. Teaching is my next best thing because I get to help people get an education and that’s fab! I think I’d either like to be a primary school teacher or a college teacher!

4. What’s something super cool that you do that you don’t often get to talk about on your blog?

Honestly I struggled with this question because I am a very very very boring person hahha. I do play the keyboard! Not very well I may add but I do it. I don’t really mention it all that often because I stopped a year or so ago and then picked it up again, so I’m not perfect at it. Maybe I’ll do some covers on my Youtube channel at some point!

5. What one kind of pet do you really wish you could have?

This one is easy. A sausage dog.

6. If you won the lottery jackpot tomorrow and never had to work again, what would you choose to do with your life?

Travel. I am hoping to travel a great deal in summer next year but if I won the lottery, I would do that without a second thought. Go to Australia, America and Asia. Yes please!

7. What’s one thing you’re really good at and one thing you really wish you were good at?

I wish I was really good at make up. I am so terrible hahha. I try but I just don’t succeed. Maybe I’ve gotta put more effort in and I’ll learn. One thing I am really good at is keeping a schedule. I’ve never missed an upload (yet) on my blog or youtube. This is because I keep a schedule and keep very far in advance!

8. Where’s the #1 place you want to travel at least once in your life?

Australia! Hopefully that dream shall come true in the next couple of years though!

9. Do you prefer cooking or eating out?

Cooking. I adore cooking!

10. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? How much has that changed?

When I was little, I wanted to be a nurse and then I soon realised my phobia of needles so that’s out of the window. It’s changed a lot now because I’m hoping to go into teaching like I just mentioned!

11. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from your blogging journey so far?

Ya girl is good at sticking to deadlines if she actually wants to stick to them. Otherwise I am shit.

I would like to nominate:

Questions I’m asking:

  1. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  2. Why did you get into blogging?
  3. What/Who inspires you?
  4. Your top three favourite bloggers?
  5. What are you currently doing career wise?
  6. What is happiness to you?
  7. Favourite season? Why?
  8. Do you own any pets? If not, what would you get if you could?
  9. What would you do as a hobby/work if you didn’t blog?
  10. What is your go to comfort food?
  11. What your favourite post you’ve written?



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