Unpopular Opinion #3

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I’m back with more unpopular opinions!

Vices & Virtues in the best Panic! At The Disco album so far

I will get so much hatred for these from the Panic! fandom but I stand by my point. Pretty Odd is a fab album but is it really better than the album that is home to many classics such as, The Ballad of Mona Lisa or Ready to Go? No. It’s so beautifully made and has such a haunting aesthetic to it! The entire V&V era is iconic and the outfits are beautiful.

You don’t always have to be polite

It’s not mandatory to not be polite. Courtesy and niceness are two entirely different things – you don’t have to be nice or bend over backwards for anyone, especially anyone who is mistreating you. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be basically respectful in general either.

Some fandoms are fucking weird

Okay hear me out. We’ve all been there. Adoring a band so much that you dedicate every social media you have to them. I get it I get it. But some fandoms are weird and borderline creepy. The Phandom for example is a huge one. They invade every aspect of privacy that Dan and Phil should have and they demand that they are dating – which is weird. The Zalfie fandom is also super weird sometimes too, like the fact they turn up outside their house and demand pictures with them is dodgy as hell. I get that they put their life on the internet and they should “expect” fans but no, they shouldn’t expect for fans to invade their privacy or personal space.

I don’t like the beach

I mean the beach is okay but when I’m on holiday the last thing I wanna do is go on the beach. I’d much rather explore the city or town I’m in without the sand thank you very much. My family have a couple small children in it so of course they love the beach and I’ll go with them but I won’t enjoy it. You get sand fucking everywhere and sunburn is literally 11110% more likely and after around 10 minutes, it’s boring as hell.


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8 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinion #3

  1. Finally! I am not the only person I know who doesn’t like the beach. The thought of going fills me with dread as I cannot bear the sand on my skin. It’s lovely for photos and such but other than that I’m happier on land 😊


  2. I’m kind of with you on the beach thing, often they’re crowded and if you’re not comfortable in a bikini/swimming costume you feel overdressed and out of place. I’m learning to be less polite (if that makes sense), I’m always respectful but if I don’t agree with something or have an issue I’m not afraid to speak up. I don’t let people push me around 🙂

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  3. I can agree that some Fandoms are a bit over the top or “abstract” if you’re choosing now to be polite haha I like the idea of the beach, but none of the ones local to us are any good. The main one in my state is always PACKED with tourists… and I prefer a rocky beach cause sand sucks 🤣

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  4. Totally 100% agree with the beach, I hate it, sand nope gross it gets every where. The sea nope gross its cold, get me in a pool or wondering the streets of some city! xxx

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  5. Totally agree with the fandoms thing. While some people say, “Wah just let people like things,” when it comes to a point where fans are invading the subject’s personal space/ posting weird sexual shit or just talking about it way too excessively, it’s time to stop.

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com


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