My Fashion Sense: A History Through The Ages

Hiya everyone! Just before I get into this post, I thought I’d mention that I recently started a Youtube channel! I upload every Sunday (and maybe have some surprise videos as and when) so chances are, you’ve missed a cheeky upload! Please go and subscribe and show me love because it’s scary business!

My fashion sense has gone through quite a few changes since being birthed so I thought I’d show it off. I started off life as a stereotypical girl, all pink and frills and now, I am … well different.

Stage One – Childhood


I call this stage this because well, it was my childhood. I didn’t really have any choice in what I wear here as my mother probably picked it all. If my dad did, I would probably be wearing grungey clothes but I can tell it’s my mother’s choices because well, I’m girly for once.

Stage Two – Trying Hard


Please excuse the muggy photos, it’s hard to find appealing photos when I literally deleting any evidence of this time! You can tell how long ago this was by the Blackberry phone I have. I went through a lot of bullying here and I tried so hard to fit in with friends who looking back, weren’t nice to me or weren’t friends I needed. I had fab friends don’t get me wrong but I tried to make friends with people who were bullying me – a desperate attempt to fit in.

Stage Three – Emo


I went into that emo phase that everyone dreads. I didn’t dread it though. I finally found myself and didn’t attempt to fit in. At this point, people were still bullying me but I didn’t really care as much, or at least I didn’t show it. I think being emo helped me understand that everyone was a completely different person and the fact that people were bullying me for it, wasn’t okay and it was more of a personal problem on their behalf because they were jealous they couldn’t stem far from the norm.

Stage Four – I’m Not Emo Anymore


I got out of my emo phase and I had a desperate attempt to show I had left it. I tried to fit in with trends that everyone was obsessing over and I mean, I did it but it didn’t really work. I realised following trends and looking cool wasn’t really a me thing and that my definition of cool was alternative fashion. Yeah I do occasionally see trends and things in style and think they are cool but I don’t rely on trends to buy clothes.

Stage Five – Sucks To Be You, I Lied (current)


Andddddd this is me, the piece de resistance. This is by far the most comfortable I have ever been with my fashion and style. I know these photos both heavily show I dress kinda emo and alternative but I don’t really have a label anymore. I jokingly call myself emo but I wouldn’t say I am anymore. I wear clothes I like because they are cute and fit me to a tee, I don’t wear them because they are “emo” or “trendy”.

I truly do believe some people probably look at me and think I look weird because of my outfit choices. I have had a few strangers come up to me and ask why I dress the way I dress and I simply say it’s because I love myself and I allow my brain to pick my clothes not magazines that dictate what’s “in” and what isn’t.


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