Tips for Starting University

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Going to university is an exhilarating and daunting experience rolled into one giant scary thing. Everybody tells you that you need to make the most of this experience, and that only increases the pressure you feel to do well, both academically and socially. But the important thing to remember is that you’re not alone! Take a deep breath. Every other fresher feels the same way as you do. And if you need some guidance to help you through your first year then here are some pointers to make your university experience rewarding:

#1 – create a budget

If this is your first time away from home then it might be your first time properly managing your finances! There’s a chance you may have had a part-time job before university, but you probably still lived at home with your parents. And it’s hard to gauge the financial responsibilities demanded of an adult when you don’t have to think about household bills, rent or mortgage payments, internet bills, and numerous other monthly expenses. Going to university will be a life lesson, in that sense. You should create a budget to help you manage your finances. As I’ve mentioned before, you need to think about smart ways to save money; using coupons for your weekly food shop and getting a bus pass are two examples of smart money-saving techniques.

#2 – get the work-life balance right

This is such a vital piece of advice if you want to enjoy your university experience! So many students struggle to get the work-life balance right at university, and you can easily end up at either end of the scale. Some people devote the entirety of their spare time to studying, and some people spend no time studying. Obviously, you’ve come to university to get a degree, but you’ve also come to university to grow as a person. You’re here to learn life lessons and meet new people. That doesn’t count as slacking; networking is a skill that will serve you well in life. That being said, you need to make sure you set aside some time in your schedule for studying, amidst all the partying hahha!

Of course, when it comes to academic work, the crucial thing is that you let yourself gradually improve. It’s often a shock for students when they arrive at university and deal with an overwhelming workload (alongside a tough marking system). As explained over at The Guardian, a structured plan will always help you to write well. It can take time to master the art of writing an essay that puts you at the top of the class, but it’s a skill that you’ll pick up over time. That’s the case with many of the lessons you’ll learn as an independent adult at university. Still, you could get assistance to make sure that you’re submitting work of the highest quality. If you’re happy with the content of your work but want help to polish up the end-product then you might want to check out for a rewriting and paraphrasing service that’ll help to tidy up your writing. It can really help to get an expert opinion whilst you’re still learning the ropes.

#3 – go exploring

As explained over at The Independent, exploring your town during your first year at univversity is the best way to truly appreciate where you are. It’s good to familiarise yourself with your new hometown so that you feel comfortable, but it’s also good to admire this new place whilst it’s still fresh and intriguing. University is all about seizing opportunities, and you’ll definitely find the entire experience more rewarding if you go exploring.


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2 thoughts on “Tips for Starting University

  1. Thank you! My 18 year old is away today to check out a university and decide if it’s going to make the cut for the UCAS application form for next year. Great points there, Sophie x


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