The Issue With Caring About Homeless People With Dogs

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I walk down the streets a lot in Birmingham and see so so many homeless people and it’s heartbreaking. If I have any money spare and sometimes I do, I’ll give it to them. I have a lovely, warm home. I have food at that home. I have unlimited water at that home. Now I’m not trying to brag but I’m lucky. I may not be extremely wealthy and priveleged but I have the necessities and some luxuries so why not share my money?

A lot of people don’t and that makes me sad but a lot of people have reasons to not. They may not have any change. They may just not want to and to be honest, no matter morals, who am I to say what they do with their money?

All opinions change when there’s a dog involved. You see a homeless man on the street and yeah you feel a little sad but you don’t feel inclined to do anything. BUT those inclinations change drastically when there’s a dog.

You begin to question the safety and health of the dog. Surely being owned by a homeless person means they are starving and dying, right? Wrong. Automatically you think about reaching into your pocket, but with anger because you cannot believe that a homeless person would dream of having a dog.

There’s many reasons why a homeless person would have a dog.

Maybe the dog is also a homeless dog and has just bonded with the homeless person? Maybe the person had a dog before they became homeless? Maybe they thought the dog would have been happier (spoiler: is right) with their owner rather than in a shelter? Either way we can’t question why they have a dog.

A lot of the time, the human really cares for the dog. When you see dogs on the street, are they skinny? Heck no. Half the time I see chubby cute dogs. This is because the person puts their dogs needs before theirs. Nice, huh?

At the end of the day, we (as people who are fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads and food on the table) are in no place to say what homeless people should be doing with their life. Homeless people get lonely and so do dogs. If you are genuinely so upset by the issue, do something to help. Do something to help other than moan about it.

It’s not all doom and gloom. I’m pretty sure the dogs are much happier being with their beloved owners than crying and pining for love in shelters.

I just think it’s kinda weird that people suddenly care for the dogs who are homeless rather than the humans.


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5 thoughts on “The Issue With Caring About Homeless People With Dogs

  1. My mom always taught me to give them food, water, or even an umbrella or something useful rather than money because as much as you want to believe they’re good people in bad situations- they might end up using that money for things that don’t inherently help them (like alcohol or drugs). There’s also plenty of resources here in the US for them. My mom actually volunteered at a shelter than would give out bus tickets, restaurant coupons, and even movie passes to people who were homeless but volunteered their time to help out. They had beds, coats, food, showers, lots of faculties to aid the homeless in the area. It makes me sad to see people on the side of the road, when there’s a lot of help around besides a cash handout. I get why they might have animals though- maybe they need a companion or protector, or that was their pet before they were homeless and they don’t want to give them up because they can still take care of them. I’ve also seen people have to give up their animals to shelters because they’ve become homeless, which is like double-sad…

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  2. This was such an interesting post to write, thanks for sharing, its sad to see dogs in these situations but like you said it is better than being in a shelter! 🙂

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