Music 12 Year Old Me Listened To

Hiya everyone! Just before I get into this post, I thought I’d mention that I recently started a Youtube channel! I upload every Sunday (and maybe have some surprise videos as and when) so chances are, you’ve missed a cheeky upload! Please go and subscribe and show me love because it’s scary business!

I don’t think I’ve seen this been done before so I apologise if I’ve accidentally stole your idea! I thought I’d create a cute little tag to show how much my music taste has evolved into what it is now and see how much I’ve changed as an individual.

I’m just gonna basically show you guys five artists or bands I used to listen to when I was twelve years old. Obviously if you choose to do this post, you can do hwoever many you want because if you only listened to 3, what’s the point in writing down 5 hahaha?! Let’s just get straight into it.

1. Mcfly



Honestly I used to be such a huge fan of this band when I was younger. Truth be told, I probably would still head bop to these guys on a daily. If this comes on in the club, I will belt the lyrics out, you bet your ass I would. A turning point was when they changed into Mcbusted – was not a fan. However, since creating this blog post, I checked them out and they weren’t all too bad.

2. Justin Bieber

Yeah… I was this person. I don’t feel ashamed though because old Justin Bieber had some right bangers. As I was searching for the songs to show you guys, I was singing along to every single lyric. It’s so bad hahaha.

3. Billie Piper

My brother introduced me to Billie’s music because I was a huge huge fan (still am) of Doctor Who and obviously he grew up with her music so he knew I’d like it. I think I just listened to it because she was Rose Tyler and that’s all there was to it. Looking back she does have quite a few good songs that I’d honestly still listen to if they came on Spotify shuffle or something.


4. Jonas Brothers

Man you were lying if you didn’t adore these guys. I fancied the pants off of Nick and Joe (Sorry Kevin..) and it was my goal to marry one of them. Sadly didn’t happen but what can ya do? I remember when they starred on Camp Rock and that was basically everything I had ever dreamed of.

5. Good Charlotte

The only reason I listened to Good Charlotte back then was because of my other brother. I had a PSP and I wanted music to be put on there and he refused to put any music other than songs he liked so he added a ton of Good Charlotte. It was great and I still listen to them now. I have actually seen them live with All Time Low.

Bonus – I also used to listen to this to death. Maybe it was a prophecy because now I’m obsessed with Paramore haha.

That’s it! I was thinking about just saying anyone who wants to do it can but whilst that still applies, I thought I’d just tag 5 people!

I hope you guys all have a lovely rest of the day and I’ll see you next time!

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10 thoughts on “Music 12 Year Old Me Listened To

  1. Music was good when I was 12, but I didn’t get into it until later. As for your list, I did like Good Charlotte but can’t say the rest appealed. But I was 12 a decade before you. I had a lot of guilty pleasure such as Take That

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