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Hiya everyone! Just before I get into this post, I thought I’d mention that I recently started a Youtube channel! I upload every Sunday (and maybe have some surprise videos as and when) so chances are, you’ve missed a cheeky upload! Please go and subscribe and show me love because it’s scary business!
1) Shower in the morning or evening?
I’m an evening kinda girl. I like going to bed clean! But since it’s been summery and all hot, I’ve been taking showers in the morning and I can see the appeal! I just don’t appreciate how little time I have in the mornings when I shower then!
2) City Centre or close to nature?
There’s nothing I love more than the city centre! It’s funny because my anxiety revolves around the business of places but I would much rather be in a busy city centre like Birmingham than out in the middle of no where. I do like spending time in the countryside, just not allllllll the time.
3) Bright Colours or Neutrals?
Definitely neutrals! I loooove wearing a white, black or grey kinda outfit rather than having huge chunks of colour in my wardrobe. I do wear the occasional pastel pinks, mustards and burgundy’s but I gotta love an all black outfit.
4) Spring or Autumn
I would normally answer autumn for this but if you live in the United Kingdom at all, you’ll know that it’s been hot as hell for a month or so. I’m not saying I adore the hot weather but I think a more melllow form of it, such as spring, would be manageable. After all, I wear winter/autumn clothes the entire year so there’s really no difference.
5) Mint or Cinnamon
I’m not even going to write a sentence or two for this – cinnamon.
6) Planned or Spontaneous?
I love planning. I really love being prepared for stuff ahead of time but I think there’s something about spontaneity that is super thrilling and cool. But planning is a lot nicer for anxiety sufferers.
7) A movie at home or the cinema?
At home. I don’t know about you but I think if I went to the cinema in my pyjamas or a oversized tee, I’d get some stares.
8) Espresso or latte?
Lattes. Always. Specifically a cinnamon soy latte. Always.
9) Hugs or kisses?
I am a hug fanatic. A cuddle fiend. I would do many things for hugs. Okay.. I’m kinda joking there.. kinda. But I am always appreciative of hugs. I love a good kiss too but I think there’s more comfort and contact that you get in a hug.
10) Spicy or mild food?
I do like spicy food but I have to be in the mood for it. I feel like I appreciate the actual food a lot more when it had a milder taste.
11) Leather or lace?
If it’s pleather then I’m ya girl.
12) Overdressed or under-dressed?
It depends on the mood. I love love dressing up for things regardless of what it is but sometimes I can be in the worst mood ever and not want to put in effort. Truly depends.
13) Adventure or comfortable?
As much as I’d like to say adventure, I think I’m gonna go for comfort. Nothing wrong with knowing what you’re doing and where you’re going. BUT I do think that a little adventure is fun sometimes.
14) TV series or movie?
I have the attention span of a carrot so tv series. I literally cannot focus on anything over a few minutes so anything is a struggle.
15) Rock or country music?
I feel like everyone already knows the answer to this question if you’ve ever read a single post of mine. Just to make it clear, rock music.
16) Red or white wine?
I mean I’ve never ever tried red wine so I’m gonna have to go for white. Without sounding cliche, I’m more of a prosecco gal myself.
17) Working alone or in a team?
It depends. I can probably get more work done as a team because I’ll have people around me to keep me focused. At the same time, I feel like if it was with my friends, I’d be too busy chatting so yeah… I don’t know which one I’d prefer.
18) Swimming or sunbathing?
I can’t swim and I don’t seem to tan either. I can’t win. But I feel like I’d love swimming more, but more of a paddle.
19) Fast food or sit down restaurant?
I think fast food is convient but I do love a good Nandos or Pizza Express. I think sit down restaurants are really nice to go to..
20) Matched or mismatched socks?
I used to be the person who wore mismatched socks all the damn time, I’m so sorry you had to find that out.. I did grow up and begin wearing matched socks though!
21) Dancing or singing?
Been as I can’t do either, I’m not sure. I do love singing but I am not very good at it. I love dancing when I am smashed out of my face but again, probably not very good.
22) Phone or the Internet?
I can use the internet on my phone so I think that’s a sneaky answer hahahha

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9 thoughts on “This or That

    1. Thank you!! Definitely to do it from a good place, don’t do it for money or collabs because it’ll get you nowhere. People can genuinely tell if you’re blogging because you want fun or whether you’re doing it for the wrong reasons! I think if you’re heart is in the right place with blogging and you blog about what you love, it’ll shine through!

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  1. Movies at home are good because you can always pause them which you can’t at the cinema. Sometimes it’s nice to go to the cinema and treat yourself too though! I prefer showers in the evening too 🙂

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