Why My Opinion On Alcohol Has Changed

Hiya everyone! About a year ago, give or take a few months, I wrote a blog post on how I’m not alcohol’s biggest fan and that I don’t really like the drinking culture of getting smashed every weekend. I guess this blog post is an “update” post, if you will, about my opinion on alcohol.

It’s changed a lot. If you follow me on literally any social media, I’m sure you are aware of the amount of times I constantly make a fool of myself hahaha so this is probably no news for you.

The reason why it’s changed? Honestly, I’ve not a clue.

It’s not like I go out twenty-four seven because I don’t. I’d be lying if I also went out every weekend because again I don’t. As I’m writing this post, I went out literally yesterday but I cannot

I realised that my fear of alcohol was heavily induced with my anxiety. Any relation to alcohol set my anxiety off and maybe that’s why I can tolerate it now. I was scared of feeling out of control if I got smashed or whatever but honestly, that was probably because I had no clue what my limits were.

To a degree, I don’t think I do either. I’m still guessing. I’ve not got to any point of being smashed where I’m vomiting left right and centre. I’ve never actually threw up from alcohol and I’ve never had a hangover either. So maybe my alcohol tolerance is really high or I just don’t actually drink that much as what the standard stereotype of teenagers do.

I wouldn’t say my relationship with alcohol is perfect. I definitely don’t drink for good reasons sometimes. I drink to forget, to give me confidence to do things I wouldn’t do sober – all things pretty much.

Let me know if your relationship has ever changed with alcohol?! I’m interested!


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10 thoughts on “Why My Opinion On Alcohol Has Changed

  1. I think every teenagers relationship with alcohol is complicated. In my book: you need to have an epic failure once (in regard to drinking) to know where your limit is. You need to learn what type of alcohol affects you how and what you like and don’t like. The drinking culture in general is very complex, as there are a lot of external factors like peer pressure that affect it.

    Generally speaking, growing up is all about trying out new things anyway, making mistakes and learning from them and to just be exposed to more and more the world has to offer. While I think teenagers should be informed about the basics of consuming alcohol, the dangers that come with it and the do’s and dont’s behind it (eat something first, stay hydrated, be cautious of day-drinking especially in the sun,…) I believe that parents or teachers for example shouldn’t label all alcohol as “bad”. It makes teens more prone to handle it recklessly. I was actually lucky enough to have parents who encouraged me to try alcohol with them – that way I learnt about it in a very safe environment. Great post and sorry for this long-ass comment. xx

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    1. Exactly! I haven’t had that epic failure yet and I hope I don’t, but I don’t know my limit which is an issue! My father was one of those too who allowed me to experiment with alcohol and I thank him for it because I have such a calm and dignified opinion and place with alcohol – opposed to people I know who have turned 18 and can finally binge drink every weekend! Don’t apologise for long comments, it’s fine! xxx

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  2. I thought I would always be the DD for my friends, family, boyfriend or whoever. But it’s nice sometimes to let someone else handle that and be the one able to indulge in a drink or two! I still 100% am an at-home drinker haha not that I don’t like getting a drink with dinner out, but mixing my own stuff and plopping down on the couch with my glass is fine as wine 😘

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  3. Thanks for posting. Personally if you visit my blog you can tell I’m a big fan. I think a lot about it is just knowing your limit. Alcohol also effects people differently so I can definitely see stopping if you have a bad reaction. Personally though I love to drink and have a good time. What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage?


  4. My relationship with alcohol has definitely changed I think it does when you get older. I used to drink to excess but now I rarely drink. I think it’s because I work full time and sometimes drive when I meet up with friends. It’s nice to not wake up really hungover and feeling crap after a night out with friends and actually remembering your conversations.

    Rachael | https://rachaelstray.com/

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    1. I definitely agree! I think I’m going through the urgent I am able to drink now phase, even though it’s been a couple years since it’s been legal for me! Just when I was able to, I didn’t want to so now I want to hahha!

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