My A Level Results – Take Two

Hiya I’m back!!! Just before I get into this post, I thought I’d mention that I recently started a Youtube channel! I upload every Sunday (and maybe have some surprise videos as and when) so chances are, you’ve missed a cheeky upload! Please go and subscribe and show me love because it’s scary business!

As many of you know, I retook my alevels after dropping out of university for my mental health, so I thought I’d show you guys my results!

I worked my ass off this year and I’m writing THIS part of my blog post the day before and I am bloody hoping it shows. Who knows. I feel like if it didn’t show, I would not be posting this hahhaha so there you go, if you’re reading this I did ok.

Just a heads up, my grades probably aren’t AMAZING for most of you. I peaked in primary school because I got hit with A LOT of mental health issues and that ruined my motivation and work ethic. I am still struggling with said illnesses so for me to even get these grades, is amazing for me. So please don’t give me hate for these to not be proud of.

So this year I took;

  • AQA A2 Classical Civilisation
  • AQA A2 History
  • WJEC A2 Business Studies
  • AS Finance

With classical civilisation, I retook The Iliad AS unit because I wasn’t happy with my grade. I also did A2 Alexander and A2 Persian Wars. The year I did this, was the last year before they changed it to linear so my AS is involved with my final grade! With history, I did A2 Nazi Germany and A2 Tudors. I also got a B in the coursework for history.

For finance, the exams were in January and March so I already knew my grades. In unit 1, I got a C in the multiple choice and an A in the written. In unit 2, I got a B in the multiple choice and a B in the written. So overall, I got a B in finance!

Now onto the grades I found out about on results day today!

Classical Civilisation – C

I am kinda disappointed with this because it’s my favourite subject and I worked my ass off but what can ya do? My target grade is a D so I did better than what my college wanted which I guess is an important thing to realise with this. I enjoyed classics and I wish I could do it at university but I don’t have the ability to whip AAA out the bag hahha!

History – C

My history grades are getting remarked because I got a C that’s really close to the B boundaries so that’s exciting! To say my target grade was a D and I’ve potentially gone two grades higher than that, is amazing! One of my teachers was really demotivating for me, constantly saying that I wouldn’t even achieve my target grade so it’s really pleasing to see that I can do it and she was wrong. I wish she was there at results day for me to show it off to her.

Business – B

This was shocking for me! If you didn’t know, one of my business exams was a right mess and I cried throughout the exam because my anxiety was sky high as my needs weren’t accommodated for. BUT I got a B??!

Obviously I’ve already got into university because I got an unconditional so there wasn’t much worry about my grades because I have no need to improve them other than my personal achievements. I wanted to improve for myself because obviously 1) the last year would have been for nothing, 2) I wanted to prove to the teachers who allowed me back at college and 3) I knew I could do better than the grades I got last year.


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15 thoughts on “My A Level Results – Take Two

  1. Omg Congratulations, you did better than all your target grades! I love your attitude towards life despite of the mental blockades you face!! Great job gurl! ❤

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  2. Congratulations! You really do have something to be happy and proud of, well done! I remember my results day very well although it feels like a lifetime away! Those grades are really good and you’re actually an inspiration that if you set your mind to something, no matter what happens you can do it!

    P.s thank you for your comment on my post, really appreciate it!

    Soffy //

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