Unpopular Opinions

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I think I’m hopping on that band wagon where everyone and anyone is stating their unpopular opinions. There’s obviously going to be a flood of people in these comments screaming at me for how wrong I am and I am fully prepared for that. I openly accept debating on this post! This post only though, please don’t argue with me on others … I will actually cry hahhaa.

Let’s get right into it!

McDonalds is overrated.

I know oh my god, I’m a teenager who doesn’t like McDonalds?! To be fair here, I am not a huge huge fan of most fast food chains like KFC, Burger King etc. I just don’t see the hype. Maybe it’s because I’m vegan and I can’t particularly eat the entire menu that they have but what I have had isn’t exciting my taste buds. Obviously I ate the burgers prior to veganism and I just didn’t enjoy it. The only things I kinda like are the hash-browns but I can only have those in the morning when I’m almost always never up for haha!

I don’t find Channing Tatum THAT attractive

Okay I would never hate on anyone’s looks EVER because I wouldn’t like it back but I just don’t see it. He is okay looking but I don’t understand the nationwide gush for him?! I guess everyone has their opinion on what’s attractive and what’s not but I just think everyone is jumping on the band wagon that he is a ten outta ten. I’m just saying there are plenty more attractive celebrities.

I actually like pineapple on pizza

I know oh my god yikes, this is definitely going to get a flaming mob outside my house isn’t it? But I really like having pineapple on pizza. I think it tastes yummy and adds a sweet flavour to pizza just like peppers do. Here’s my argument: if you’re so against having fruit on your pizza, skip the tomato and the pepper because they are fruits too.

I think the term “money can’t buy happiness” isn’t strictly true

Whilst yeah of course, it isn’t going to cure depression or help you grief a loss of a loved one, but it will help in most cases. I can imagine that having an overweening debt above your head causes so much fucking sadness, with money that goes away. Money gets rid of a lot of issues like debts, mortgages and buys YOU FOOD. I think food makes me pretty happy.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with any of the opinions I’ve explained to you guys! Also, let me know if you like this sort of post and I’ll definitely do more! I know I have plenty up in this head of mine!


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21 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions

  1. Ok…I don’t like McDonald’s that much but I don’t dislike fast food unfortunately for my waistline. It is annoying that most fast food actually has almost 0 options for vegetarians let alone vegans. I agree on the hype around Channing. He is nice looking but not my type, I am much more of a Chris Pratt girl. Now from personal experience, money doesn’t buy happiness, but getting a huge chunk of our debt paid off last year was honestly the best day. It ranks right up there with my wedding day. It gave me the ability to focus on other things and allowed me more room in the budget for things I love doing.

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    1. I’ve spent most of the year with literally £0 to my name and the fact I started a job a few weeks ago, I got paid and it was my favourite day ever! I do think that there are things that money doesn’t make everything go away but it helps!

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  2. Money doesn’t always equal happiness but it certainly makes things easier. I haven’t been to McDonalds since last year and I honestly don’t miss it! Channing Tatum isn’t unattractive but he’s not the hottest thing since sliced bread either 😛 I usually prefer pineapple fresh and not on pizza but last week I had a Hawaiian pizza from Dominos and really enjoyed it, Pizza Hut been doing it wrong all that time lol 😂

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    1. I’ve had £0 to my name all year and last week I started a new job and my wage literally made me cry from joy! But I wouldn’t say I was particularly unhappy throughout the year, just if I had money I would have had a better time hahah!

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  3. I love pineapple on pizza!!
    I think it’s an interesting view about money though. While it can certainly ease problems and pay off debts, thus reducing the worry and stress of bills coming in, I think that too much of it can have the opposite effect. Too much money can often bring out the worst in people and make them think they’re superior to everyone else which could end up costing friendships. I can imagine it’s a tricky balancing act xx

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    1. That’s such an interesting thought! I’ve had no job and I had absolutely no money all this year until recently and I wasn’t too unhappy but the wages I’ve recently got took such a weight off of my shoulders!


  4. I wish McDonalds would expand their menu to have at least one another vegetarian or vegan option as I am not a huge fan of burgers and would love a vegetable wrap. I do not personally like pineapple on pizza but I am not opposed to someone having it on theirs. I agree with you in terms of money can sorta buy happiness – I think being able to get out of the house on a daily basis, even if it is just to grab a coffee, is so important and money gives you the opportunity to do this. x

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    1. Yes!! I love a good burger but the one they have is … meh! And yes yes yes! I’m fortunate enough to have a roof over my head and such but until recently, I’ve not had money for those things and now I have, it has given me so much freedom and thus happiness! X

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