Shows I’ve Been Watching Lately #1

Hiya everyone. Just before I get into this post, I thought I’d mention that I recently started a Youtube channel! I upload every Sunday (and maybe have some surprise videos as and when) so chances are, you’ve missed a cheeky upload! Please go and subscribe and show me love because it’s scary business!

I’ve had a lot of time off for summer as of late so thus, I’ve needed a lot more stuff to do with my life. I’ve watched a LOT of tv shows so I thought I’d show my current faves!

#1 – The Vampire Diaries

Image result for the vampire diaries

I’ve loved this show since it came on air in 2009 but I think I watched a few seasons and then stopped. I am pretty sure Elena wasn’t a vampire when I stopped watching. I picked it back up a couple months ago and somehow I’m on season seven and loving life. I am digging the Damon and Elena relationship more so than Stefan and Elena which is super weird because I thought I’d hate it!

#2 – Queer Britain

Image result for queer britain

I remember hearing about this coming out and I just never watched it on it’s release. I was looking for shows after exam season, ended to fill up my time, and I got this. I really like it. It’s really eye opening for allies and maybe lgbtq+ people who are very very lucky to be accepted. It’s very emotional, to say the least. I finished season 1 in one night because I was so hooked!

#3 – The Walking Dead

Image result for the walking dead

I know, I know! Super late to the party here. I have like a massive overactive imagination so things like this are risky business for me. Anything horror plays in my mind for MONTHS or YEARS. I still have reoccurring dreams after watching the Tooth and Claw episode of Doctor Who when I was younger – I’ve watched it since then and I get the same nightmares hahahah. But this is kinda fine. A bit jumpscary but I can manage haha!

#4 – Brooklyn Nine Nine

Image result for brooklyn nine nine

Again, late to the party but I have watched a fair few of these episodes before on TV! I started watching it episode by episode, season by season, and I’m loving it. I love following the storyline rather than just watching random episodes but I guess it’s the same for everyone!

What tv shows are you currently watching? Hopefully I’ll have more shows to watch hahah!


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16 thoughts on “Shows I’ve Been Watching Lately #1

  1. Thanks for sharing, I absolutely loved the Vampire Diaries. Do you have any other tv show reccommendations? I’m looking for a new show to binge watch on Netflix.


  2. Thanks for sharing! Yes, yes, and yes to the first three. Currently going through The Walking Dead series [again]. You’re one of the few I’ve come across on here to ever mention Queer Britain.👏🏼

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  3. Excellent choices! I just got the full series of Teen Wolf on dvd, so far my boyfriend and I are a few episodes into season 5 (but I’ve seen the whole series before). It’s one of my favorite shows ever (:

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  4. I have never seen TVD but I have read the books so I have a vague idea of what happens. I keep meaning to start it but worry it will be a let-down – would you recommend it? I have been binge-watching The Bold Type (Amazon Prime) and Suits (Netflix) recently and loving both, although admittedly both very different shows. xx

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