Beauty Isn’t Size Deep

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Today’s post is gonna be another chatty post because I LOVE making them earlier this year and ya know what, I think it’s high time to make another. I’m gonna talk about the ridiculous societal need to be a small, petite person.

For as long as I’ve been growing up (yes I class myself as still growing up) I always wanted to be a size 6/8 or even a size 10. It was the size that I assume everyone destined to be. If you were anything smaller, you were weird and if you were anything bigger, you were weird. Just a side note, no way in hell do I think that now – it was just societal norms ya know?? Be whatever size you wanna be, who even cares? Anywho, being bigger than those dreamy sizes was so scary to me and it was so daunting when I grew up and got curvy and was that dreaded size 10/12.

For as long as I can remember, I used to squeeze into a size 8 in the changing rooms because I was just in disbelief that I wasn’t that size. It’s so disordered looking back. Why couldn’t I just accept that I was barely even a size 10.

Realistically, all bodies are so god damn different and majority of the people on the planet can genuinely never fit into that size. If you have bigger hips or boobs, it’s obvious that you won’t be able to fit into clothes that someone who has much smaller boobs and a tiny waist would fit into. You could be at fitness peak and still not be a size eight. The thing is it doesn’t matter what size you are, you could be a fucking size four or a size twenty, as long as you are happy with the body you have that doesn’t matter.

A clothing size literally holds fuck all value and it upsets me that us as a generation, or many generations it’s been a while, basing people’s worth because of their little number or letter on pieces of clothing. Thinking about it like that, it’s such a ridiculous thing to obsess over because there is quite possibly some worse things to think about.

The moral of the story is that as a society, we need to change how we think about clothing and body types. We need to be more cautious about what we portray in the media and overall as a society because it can hopefully prevent future generation from being so fanatic over clothing sizes. A size eight isn’t everything but it’s also okay if you are.

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8 thoughts on “Beauty Isn’t Size Deep

  1. Great post and I definitely agree. I think social media plays a huge role in this too. What are some ways you think we could be better as a society for this portrayal?

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    1. Thank you for agreeing! I definitely think broadcasting more body types in the media, like on tv or in magazines! And reduce the amount of photoshop. It would be nice for children or teenagers to see a body similar to theirs in the press! I know it’s kinda impossible to portray EVERY type because every body is different but at least a large variety in comparison to what there is now!


  2. It’s sad we think a clothing size defines our worth, “if I’m a size 8 like all my friends we can share clothes and boys will think I’m skinny and beautiful.” The majority of people aren’t size 8 and most times friends aren’t the same size as each other. If a boy or anyone for that matter makes you feel bad about the way you look stay away from them! Some women have petite frames and are naturally thin and some aren’t, some are a combination of both like me, I have a small frame but I’ve got curves too. Awesome post! All for the body positivity 🙂 x

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    1. I always hear the stereotype that girls wear their partners clothes to bed or if they want comfort – which before I hit puberty I’d probably be able to do that, now I’ve got no chance haha! xxx

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  3. Yes! Absolutely. Makes me want to cut out the labels in clothes because the sizes vary wherever they’re brought from! It feeds eating disorders and the stereotypical sizes we ought to be. Never “real” body shapes and sizes! 😦


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