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If you just scroll down your Instagram feed at the moment, you’ll be swamped with holiday snaps. Long, tanned legs sitting on the beach. Cocktails by the pool. Gorgeous sites from around the world, fancy meals and fabulous sunshine. If you’re sat at home or work, you might feel more than a little jealous of these luxury trips, as you can’t afford much more than a weekend in a caravan or you’re just far too busy to spend a week away. But, there are two important things to remember.

Firstly, we only share the best bits. No one shares pictures of their less than perfect hotel or budget airline. They find the images that make their break look wonderful and then filter them to perfection. The reality is bound to be quite different. It’s human nature to do this – especially on the likes of Instagram. No one posts the no make up, hair in a messy bun and being without a shower days on Instagram because it’s purely for the best highlights.

Secondly, a luxury break doesn’t have to have a luxury price. It’s entirely possible to have a fantastic trip, with plenty of glamour and indulgence, on even the smallest budget. A lovely holiday doesn’t need to cost you a grand, you can spend a fraction of that and have a bloody fab time. Let’s take a look at how.

#1 – Avoid big hotels – Large, well-known hotel chains charge the earth for their most charming rooms. Because they can. People are willing to pay more, for a name people recognise. Brand loyalty is a huge thing in the hotel business. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your accommodation needs a recognisable brand to be luxurious. Instead, look for Luxury Apartments in Marbella, the best Airbnb’s, smaller boutique hotels and less well-known accommodation with super swanky facilities. You’ll definitely be saving money via this method!

#2 – Avoid crowds – Tourist hotspots are also much more expensive. Especially if you are travelling in high season. While these might have the biggest, fanciest hotels, can you really relax in luxury when you walk down the street surrounded by other tourists? Will sipping a cocktail by the pool be an indulgence if you’ve first had to fight for a sun lounger at 6am?

Instead, go off the beaten track. Head to smaller resorts and towns. Look around for less well-known destinations that aren’t as likely to pull in a crowd. The facilities at your accommodation might not be as sort after, but you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself in peace. You’ll also be seeing a part of the world that fewer others have, and you’ll get a more authentic local experience.

#3 – Go on a cruise – There’s something about a cruise that just screams glamour. You’ve got everything that you need on board. You can get pampered and looked after while you relax in the sun. You’ll also get to spend time exploring some foreign ports. Cruises can be expensive, but they aren’t always. Look for a shorter cruise around Northern Europe or the Mediterranean, depending on where you are local to. For example, for me, Europe would be a cheaper cruise because I wouldn’t have to spend money on travelling to the other side of the world to actually get to the cruise.

#4 – Find the best deals – When it comes to finding the best prices for your break, there’s a lot to consider. Flying midweek is often cheaper than weekends because a lot of people are working on weekdays so are unfortunately unable to fly. Booking early can mean you get a promotional discount or booking late can sometimes mean you get fantastic last-minute deals. The best thing to do is use travel comparison sites to set up alerts, so you are notified of the best deals as soon as they come in. Never book without first shopping around.

Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive, and it’s certainly not worth getting into debt for the perfect break. As long as you have fun, enjoy yourself and get some rest, it’s the perfect luxury trip!


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7 thoughts on “Luxury Travelling Without The Price Tag

  1. Great tips beauty! I always travel on a budget and work the deals. I was in Nantucket last month and it was one of the best vacations I have had, but also one of the cheapest 🙂 ❤


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