Why Do We Have To Pay For Soy?

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I bet you’re reading the title and are just as confused as I am with paying. I don’t mean soy milk should be free or anything because no, I do believe we should have for our food and drinks hahah. What I mean is, why do we have to pay for soy milk when we’re at the likes of Starbucks or Costa?

You may have noticed or you may not have, but whenever you get anything other than dairy milk in your coffees or teas at coffee shops, you have to pay extra. Now I’m only talking maybe 30p more but still, why? Having soy milk as an option is so much more than just a choice.

People will allergies to dairy in any way may need to drink soy milk when out. I rarely see lactose free milk available so soy milk is the next best thing and I’m not even mentioning how people can be allergic to something other than lactose in dairy milk. I just don’t see why someone with an allergy to dairy should have to pay extra for a milk than they have to drink every single day because drinking normal milk is practically impossible for them to do. It’s almost like they are charging people for the cheek of having an allergy!

Soy milk is proven to be much better for you so why are they charging more for it? I personally feel like coffee shops should be promoting the healthier option to it’s consumers because it will benefit both the consumer and the business.

I’m still using the same quantity of milk if I used cows milk. This is the part I don’t understand. If I had cows milk in my drink, I don’t get charged but if I have plant milk in my drink, I get charged. I’m using the extra same quantity of milk and saving cows milk for someone else. It just doesn’t make sense to me because either way, the same amount of milk is still being used.

I don’t know if any of this made sense because again, I went on a bit of a rant. But let me know what you think?!

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11 thoughts on “Why Do We Have To Pay For Soy?

  1. I totally agree with you, it’s so annoying to be charged extra when you feel like you’re doing a good thing. Although having worked in a cafe I’ve seen how much more expensive the plant milk orders are, so from a business perspective it makes sense to charge more as it costs more to supply it (and probably will until plant milks are just as popular as cows milk). I feel like huge chains could pay the difference though and not let the customer pick up the difference as a matter of principle, but I guess we haven’t got that far yet! xx


  2. Worst thing is when people look at you with complete bewilderment when you say the words ‘soya milk’ and you have to awkwardly try and explain what you mean or just have to have a black coffee instead!

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  3. I work for M&S in the cafe in our local store and the only dairy alternative we offer is Soya milk (others haven’t been approved by head office technologists……..yet) but it’s at no extra cost. The drink takes a little longer to prepare as we have to ensure the wand is thoroughly clean and use a separate jug but that’s all. Never have charged extra for it in all the years I’ve been there x

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  4. I am so confused because I have never had to pay for Soy milk! If you want an alternative such as almond or oat milk then you have to pay but I have never had to pay for Soy milk. Is this a London thing?! xx

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