My Favourite Classical Men

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I did a post about my favourite classical women a while ago and I thought it was time to do a male version because equality am I right?!

1. Patroclus

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Is this picture too soon? Maybe.. yeah.. Patroclus is my favourite within the Iliad, by Homer. He is portrayed as such a cute little innocent individual. Anddddd if you’ve read Song of Achilles then that portrayal is deepened. It’s arguable that Patroclus was “dating” Achilles and I’m obsessed with that. Achilles requested to have their ashes/bodies together so they could be together in the afterlife. I don’t know about you, but as much as I love my friends, I don’t think I’d want to share a coffin or an urn. They were definitely dating.

2. Homer

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The best poet/playwright/author in my opinion. We don’t actually know if his name is Homer because of how long ago the Iliad and the Odyssey was actually written, but this is what the Ancient Greeks called him! Everything about Homer continues to be debated because no one knows when and where the two plays were created. Homer was assumed blind for no reason because there’s no proof for the matter. It’s actually also argued that Homer was a multitude of people, not just one guy. But honestly, if you have yet to read the Iliad, you are missing out!

3. Alexander the Great

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Alexander was born in Macedonia under the kingship of his father, Philip. Once Philip died, Alexander became the king of Macedon, taking over the League of Corinth likewise. With this, he decided to either follow his father or better his father with conquering the Persian Empire, over 100 years after the Persians attempted the conquer of Greece. Alexander is deemed the greatest military genius who created one of the largest empires that spanned from Greece to India and was undefeated. I just think he was such a nice little guy who was ahead of his time (can I say that lmfao?). Tradition is if a conqeurer took over a city, everything in it was his – women, wealth and land. Alexander never touched and actually respected women throughout his reign and frequently called upon women for advice. Too pure for this world.

4. Heracles

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Heracles (or better known as Hercules in Roman mythology) is the son of Zeus and hated by Zeus’ wife and sister Hera. He slowly went insane from Hera’s torment and killed his children. As a result of this, he is best known for his fantastic feats in the Twelve Labours. Some of these labours include slaying the nine-headed hydra, taming Cerberus and slaying the Nemean lion. Hercules died after his wife, who was jealous that he may have another lover and as a result, smeared a tunic with what she assumed was the blood of Nessus to keep him faithful. Instead, Nessus tricked her and it was laced with deadly venom of the Hydra Heracles once killed, which began to slowly cook him alive and drive him insane and as a result, create his own funeral pyre. As Heracles is deemed a demi-god, his body died but the immortal side of him remained so Zeus brought the remaining part of Heracles to Olympias.

Those are my fave classical men! I always think these posts are so so difficult to write about because there’s so many fab women and men around in the classical world and I can’t just think of a few. It’s even more difficult for me to not write and write for them. BELIEVE ME, I could’ve wrote essays on these guys haha. Let me know who your faves are if you are knowledgeable on any, if not who did you like the look of on this post?!




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10 thoughts on “My Favourite Classical Men

  1. Very cool post! I’ve been wanting to try reading the odysessy but I have no idea what it is except that its really famous? What’s it about?


  2. This was such a different and unique post, I really enjoyed it! I love history a lot, specifically art history. (I did my a-levels in both history and art history) I probably would have to say that Homer is my favourite of all time, I just love his wisdom in his writings and how so much of it can be found in stories today.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed because I always feel weird talking about classics and history on here! I wanna start writing more! Art history sounds so interesting though, I’ve never actually read into what you study with that course!

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  3. I am not knowledgeable on classical men at all but I enjoyed reading this post and learning more about them. I remember watching Hercules as a little kid in cartoon form and loving the story. Also Samson from the Bible with his long hair and strong muscles hehe. xx


  4. Kay so I know she’s a woman, but as a teenager I had a real thing for Antigone. If I was a trans woman instead of a trans man, Antigone is the name I’d have chosen!
    It’s soooo long since I read the Iliad…I may have to re-visit it! Have you ever read Gilgamesh? It’s not Greek but it is really good. Gilgamesh and Enkidu…yeah, definitely more than friends πŸ˜‚

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