My Tattoo Experience As A Weak Person

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I wanted to write this post as soon as I knew I booked my first ever tattoo. I just obviously couldn’t have wrote it until after I got my tattoo because I had no bloody clue how I was going to handle it.

I am a weak ass person so I thought I’d show you guys how my experience was just in case any of you guys were also weak or sensitive people when it came to pain! I don’t wanna be that person that’s like “if I can deal with it, you can too” because I know pain is subjective and even though I am a completely weak person when it comes to pain,

But honestly, I’m surprised I did it, if this is any consolation. I have such a phobia of needles and pain. I associated pain with self destructive behaviours for the longest time so whenever I feel the smallest stab of pain, it’s too much for me. It causes masses of anxiety so of course I was a huge anxious wreck for this tattoo.

I think it was more so the fear of the unknown more than anything. Obviously never had a tattoo before so it was a new experience.

Any who, for reference, my tattoo is on my inner arm. Ya know the soft and squishy part of your arm that rests on your ribcage and side boob when your arm is down? That part. I have heard from many experienced tattoo friends and family (seriously, most of my family are COVERED in tattoos and one of my friends no longer has room for any more unless he covers some up) that the inner arm is the most painful place they’ve had tattoos. Along with the obvious boney areas such as necks, feet etc.

I did a post all about the meaning behind my tattoo and all that jazz so it’s over here if you’re interested.



Okay I’m not going to lie, it hurt. A lot. Literally.. the tattooist got two and a half leaves in and I passed out. Fully passed out on the tattoo chair LOL. I was super embarassed but apparently they experience this all the time! I just wasn’t expecting it to hurt THAT much for me and it … did. If you’re reading this and you’re beginning to panic about your future tattoo, please don’t.

my dad got a tattoo too lol as you can see, prime father-daugher bonding

I am a wuss but also the inner bicep is up there with other obvious painful places. So your tattoo on your thigh or outer arm, may not hurt as much. That being said, pain is subjective so if you are getting a tattoo on your inner arm, prepare for it to hurt just like other tattoos will (it’s a bloody needle going into your arm repeatedly so it’s gonna hurt!) but you’re only going to know what the pain is like when you get it done! I also don’t think the fainting was helped by me proper holding my breath as soon as the needle went into my arm though hahaha!


Okay as I’m writing this post it’s been a week since I got the tattoo so I’m well and truly into the aftercare process! For reference, I am using bepanthen which is a UK thing (I think) that is primarily a nappy cream but everyone and their nan use it for tattoo aftercare. I know it’s not vegan because I have anxiety around doing things right and listening to instructions to a tee (it’s kinda like my health anxiety because I’m scared that if I don’t follow instructions, my tattoo will get infected or something!) so I played it safe.

My tattooist said to take the cling film off within an hour of getting the tattoo done which was easy because I was going straight home! My dad washed my tattoo for me the first time because I got scared hahah (and again, didn’t want to do it wrong in fear of infection). As I’ve said, I am a week in as I’m writing this and I just want to say, I AM SICK AND TIRED OF CLEANING AND MOISTURISING THIS TATTOO FUCKING THREE TIMES A DAY. I thought I’d love being a lil tattoo mother for this little guy but nope, after a day or two, I got so bored of it! Maybe this is just me but let me know if you’ve ever had a tattoo, and you felt the boredom of aftercare!

Because of the style of my tattoo, it’s pretty much almost healed so the aftercare hasn’t been too bad! I didn’t experience the agony of the itchy phase either. My tattoo is in an area that is super tickerlish so what I imagine the “itching” to be literally made me laugh. If I could, I would get my dad to tell you how often I’ve been sat in the living room with him and jsut laugh out of no where because it tickles hahaa!



Okay so my final thoughts are I love it! It’s exactly what I wanted and more and I’m so happy with it. I don’t think I’ll ever get another tattooed in the same area again though and I know I want more on my thigh/leg area but I can assume that’s going to be a loooonnnnnnggggg while away because I’m gonna have to psych myself up for the pain again! So the pain hasn’t stopped me from wanting more which is a good thing!

I have noticed I will probably need to touch up a bit of the rose head because it’s darker one side than the other but again, that may be because one side has healed quicker than the other, so only time will tell if I need to or not!


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21 thoughts on “My Tattoo Experience As A Weak Person

    1. I just added into the post because I completely forgot to when writing BUT I think it didn’t help that because I was in pain, I held my breath hahha! I think it was definitely half and half though! I’m glad you agree with the healing! I just want it to be DONE haha!

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  1. I love it! I love how it came out! I have had friends pass out and then I have had friends fall asleep (yup you read that right) my tattoos were painless, emotional but painless, (my first one I was shaking trying not to cry, why my tattoo artist decided to do my other ones I don’t know lol) They (at least for me) are addicting too. I really want another one! ❤

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  2. Looks gorgeous! I’m desperate for some tattoos but I’m also terrified of needles and pain 😂 I’m trying to talk my best friend into one so I can go along with her and see what it’s like 😅 I’d definitely have to start small!
    Well done for getting it done and pushing through it 😊xx

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  3. I’ve always been fine with needles, but I feel like tattoos are different haha I have 3 ideas of some I want- but still haven’t had the opportunity to go get any of them! I’ll definitely make a post about it afterwards and mention the pain level for each area, it’s a great post you wrote up (: sorry you passed out though

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  4. Lovely! I have four tattoos and my most recent one is my biggest piece taking up my whole calf. Obviously the tattoo itself was painful (an hour and a half straight through!), but I think the aftermath was worse with the itching, peeling and soreness for weeks after. But I’m so happy with it and think they’re well worth it!

    Rachel ||


  5. The tattoo is beautiful! I got mine on my wrist and they actually moved it further down my wrist than I had previously asked for (obviously I consented to this) because it was my first tattoo and they said it was going to be painful. I didn’t pass out but I can understand how one might. Kinda wish you could drink before to numb the pain! xx


  6. your tattoo is so cute! i love it. glad you survived, ha. the aftercare does get super tedious, especially for larger tattoos when it goes on longer. depending on the location, if it’s not easy to wash, then i sometimes have to take at least 2 showers a day to keep it clean… i’m always happy when that part is over, haha! glad the pain didn’t stop you from wanting more–they are addictive! 🙂

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