Self Love Club

Hiya! I have a wonderful post which is in collaboration with a wonderful lady today. She sells alternative embroidered clothing. It’s all hand stitched and hand drawn and all cute. This brand is called Deadbeat Dreams.

I kindly got sent two t-shirts which are adorable.

The first one says: “Self love club” in a lovely cursive font. It’s such a cute top because I personally like to think I radiate self love and I do a lotta it myself. So when I saw that this was an option to pick, I had to have it hahaha! I think self love is super important for everyone, whatever your gender is!

The next top I picked was the white top that states: “not yours” in again, the lovely cursive font. I am such a firm believer that I am not put on this planet to benefit any man or woman and I am here myself, for my own reasons. My life doesn’t revolve around anyone and it never will. I was put on this planet by whoever you believe runs it for solely myself. Soooo yeah… guess you could say I quite like this top haha!

Both of these tops are wonderful quality. I think the issue with most white tops is that they are quite see through and this isn’t really an issue with these tops! Also, when you have big boobs, no matter the quality of the top, it’s still quite stretched and strained over the breast area, but AGAIN it’s not an issue with either of these tops!

I think it’s just wonderful how they are handmade. Nowadays, you struggle to get clothing that’s handmade with all of the fast fashion that’s about.


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