Veggie Gnocchi Recipe

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I don’t normally do stand alone recipe posts because I’d much rather do what I ate in a day’s. But I made this recipe a couple days ago adn BOY is it good. I was thinking about being selfish and keeping it to myself but I’m gonna share it with ya guys. Also, gonna be honest with you, didn’t actually measure the stuff. I just kinda played it by sight and stopped when I thought it was enough of whatever. I tried to vaguely remember what I used!!


– 4 white mushrooms
– handful of beansprouts
– handful of spinach
– a couple small onions
– one red pepper
– half a small can of sweetcorn
– half a can of chickpeas
– Vbites Chorizo pieces
– two teaspoons of Sacla Basil Pesto
– a pinch of paprika
– a pinch of turmeric
– potato gnocchi (the one in the pasta section of Asda is vegan!)


1. I started by cutting up my pepper and mushroom and drained all my veggies in cans. I didn’t put all the veggies in the oiled wok at once because some take a matter of seconds and others take a few minutes. I started with the pepper, mushroom and onions.

2. Once they had been in for a couple minutes, I added the gnocchi into a fresh boiling pan and dashed some turmeric in! This was when I added the rest of the veggies into the wok, just enough time to brown over.

3. Once the gnocchi had rose to the top, I drained it and added it to the wok. Mixing it all through with a bit of paprika and pesto. That’s literally it. Done.

There you go! That’s the recipe sorted! Let me know if you’re willing to try it because I’ll be intrigued how it turns out for you guys!

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