Should You Go Vegan?

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I’m already vegan here. I’ve been vegan for two and a half years now so I feel like I somewhat know my stuff when it comes to veganism. I know how to get what nutrients and how to get enough food in my belly every day to survive.

But I understand that veganism is difficult for people who are new to the scene. Making sure you get all the calories you need in a day is difficult becasue every vegan food typically has a lot less in than the dairy or meat alterantives. For example, vegan cheese is a lot less calorically dense than dairy cheese. It’s not necessarily more healthy but it requires more eating – for me, this is amazing because I cna eat until my heart is content and not have it be the end of the world completely.

I’ve recently found out a way to successfully see if eating vegan is going well for you and your body and that’s‘s “should I go vegan” tests.

They have an array of tests that can help you decide whether you’re successfully eating right (and eating good) and here’s a few:

Vegan Nutritional Maintenance Panel

This test allows already vegan people to see if they are copying well with getting all the nutrition they need. It’s not saying that veganism is difficult, it’s just that the process from standard American diet to veganism is tricky and it may take a while to get it right – I know for me, it took me a while. It tests for a lot of the common deficiencies such as vitamin b12, iron, zinc and calcium. These things are directly linked to veganism because someone can be eating meat and be deficient with iron or b12!

This test will cost £149 and that seems like a lot, but it would be so worth it for peace of mind!

Basic “Should I Be Vegan?” Panel

This test is for people who follow the standard American diet who wish to go vegan. It can also help test if you have any animal derived allergies such as salmon, beef, turkey and cows milk. It can provide peace of mind to those who suspect their animal-based diet may be the cause of pain and discomfort, if you’re experiencing tummy aches or indigestion from the food you are eating.

This test will cost £199 but again, it seems so so worth it to help you identify any other allergies or intolerances that you may have!

Comprehensive “Should I Be Vegan?” Panel

This test is super similar to the basic one above BUT it tests for 38 rather than 18 in the previous one. It tests for a lot of fish and seafood allergies which the basic one seems to lack the detail of, so definitely helpful if you eat a lot of seafood! offers a virtually pain-free blood test to determine whether you are allergic or intolerant to any of the non-vegan foods without the irritation of traditional skin prick tests that the normal doctors do still to this day!

I think it’s personally really good because when I got an allergy test from the doctors for lactose many moons ago, I had to continue eating dairy for a few weeks which of course damaged my insides a great deal. This way you can test for the allergens without causing unnecessary pain to your body!

These tests are currently available all over the United States which is so so awesome! I would definitely recommend using this as a way to make sure you’re getting 1000% all of the goodies you get from fruits and veggies and all the good vegan stuff.


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      1. Surprisingly I thought I’d have an issue with eggs and cheese, but I was able to let those go with no without cravings. The same with alcohol, gave it up the start of this year and I don’t have any cravings. 😆

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