My First Tattoo

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I bet you can very clearly understand what this post is going to be about just on the title haha. I got my first tattoo.

I’m turning twenty this year and to say I promised myself I’d get this tattoo on my eighteenth birthday, I’m kinda late to that party, huh? At least I can say I know I 100% want it because I’ve waited and wondered for almost two years for it!

I’m a firm believer that tattoos don’t need to have any meaning. You can get a cookie on your ankle if you really want to, who am I to judge? It’s your body and quite frankly, that’s none of my business. Quite a lot of my tattoo ideas have absolutely zero meaning other than that I like the idea of it and think it’s quite cute.

Alas, this one tattoo has a meaning. Probably will be one of the few tattoos I’ll have that have a proper proper meaning to be honest. I wanted to get a remembrance tattoo for my mom but I didn’t really want a traditional tattoo if that makes sense? I didn’t want the stereotypical red heart with mom in the middle of it and I didn’t want the breast cancer ribbon with mom underneath like my brothers all had. They are all nice tattoos but I am not a cliche and typical person, and to be honest neither was my mother, and I didn’t want a cliche tattoo.

I was stuck for a while and then I realised a rose. My moms first ever tattoo was a rose on her back. I was pretty set on this idea because I like roses and I wanted to get them tattooed on me anyway, so why not give it a meaning? However, I didn’t want it on my back because no offence to back tattoos, I want to be able to see it – especially because it hold so much meaning to me. So therefore, I decided to get it on my inner arm.

So here I am, almost two whole years, with it on my body. I was so prepared for this to be painful because you hear of people screaming in pain whilst getting tattoos and I know the inner arm isn’t particularly an easy place especially on your first tat. Spoiler alert: it was painful but that’s just because of where I had it.

It feels so overwhelming to have a tattoo. I can’t believe I finally have it. I’m expecting to wake up tomorrow and it be gone.

ignore my totally cute pjs

So there you go, this is how much this tattoo means to me – besides the fact I am the ultimate weakling when it comes to pain and I actually got it done (shocker)


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36 thoughts on “My First Tattoo

  1. So proud of you for getting it done! A beautiful tattoo with a beautiful meaning, but I too also don’t believe ink has to have meaning – it’s art, if you like it, get it done. All of my first initial tattoos had meanings because to me they were the most important and I wanted to get them out of the way first, now I just go for what looks nice because it’s art and not everything has to have a deep significant meaning behind it. This was a lovely post .xx

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    1. Thank you so so much love! I’m glad you think the same haha, I think I’m getting one more tattoo with direct meaning but that’s it – the rest are gonna be because i think they are cute hahahaha! Xxx

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    1. Thank you! I’m unsure at the moment! I was toying with colour for a while but I think I’m gonna leave it for now and if I want colour later, add it! Whereas if I get colour and grow to regret it, it’s definitely a lot more difficult (or impossible idk??) to sort out haha! xx

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  2. It looks so good!!! I really want to get some lavender on my arm, like Sophie Foster, but I worry I will grow to hate it as it doesn’t have a significant meaning like my one and only tattoo, which was inspired by self-harm and depression. xx

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    1. That was the tattoo that inspired me to get it in this place actually!! I already had an idea I wanted it there but when I saw hers, it was set in stone because hers is beauts! I get what you mean though, I would say think on it for a few months or so and if you still love it, go for it! xx

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